Big Brother 2013: The Brand New Series Kicks Off With A ‘Secrets And Lies’ Theme

By NIOMI HARRIS/ Updated at 2013-06-14 02:30:44 +0000


It’s back! Britain’s most famous house once again opens its door for the summer and this time it‘s more evil than ever! Following a ‘secrets and lies’ theme, Big Brother is set to be the most cunning, mysterious and secretive series yet- and we can’t wait!

Taking over from Brian Dowling, the lovely Emma Willis is the new top dog in town. She’s on hand to guide us over the proceedings and give the new housemates a shoulder to cry on. Talking of the housemates, let’s see who’ll (potentially) be gracing our screens for the next few months:

1. Jack and Joe, 18.Supermarket assistants Jack and Joe are identical twins who love their food so much; they spend £100 a week on it! They love the carvery which they say is “new levels of nice”. One twin is gay and the other is straight and they count as one housemate- which should be interesting!

2. Sallie, 26. The DJ, a fire-breather and a glamour model describes herself as “motivated, a b****h and really bossy.” The tattooed rock chick is a self-proclaimed tomboy, is all for plastic surgery and doesn’t like black pudding.

3. Jemima, 41. The entrepreneur who calls herself a ‘sugar mummy’ runs a dating website called Gold-diggers which, you’ve guessed it, helps women find rich, older men to date. The Sarah Jessica Parker lookalike is looking for love, but not anyone her own age. She likes much younger men- one of her exes was just 19!

4. Callum, 28. ‘Ladies man’ Callum is a sports coach from Maidstone who says when it comes to pulling the girls, there are “no half measures!” He says he’s “deceptively intelligent” and claims to have saved 28 lives in his time as a lifeguard- will he come to the rescue of a single lady in the house?

5. Wolfy, 20. Manchester Student Wolfy calls herself a “hardcore, lesbian fisher woman”. Yes, she does. She moved to Cornwall for the beach, the babes and the fish- she really loves fish by the way, she has a mackerel tattooed on her leg! As you do.

6. Sam, 23. Welshman Sam is partially deaf but that doesn’t stop him chatting up the ladies! He thinks he’s very good looking and has been compared to Harry Styles- could be worse. Despite his confidence, he says he’ll miss his mum and needs her “like a rabbit needs lettuce,” Aaw!

7. Sophie, 20. Dental nurse Sophie is not your typical blonde, she’s “quite clever actually!” She has a black belt in Karate, can lift really heavy stuff in her dad’s scrap yard and has webbed feet- lovely.

8. Dexter, 28. ‘London’s most notorious sugar daddy’ (so he says) is also a celebrity publicist from London. He once spent over £120,000 on champagne on a night out, has been described as the ‘Real life Christian Grey’ and was at one point London’s most highest paid male prostitute- form an orderly queue ladies!

And finally there’s Michael, 29. To the housemates Irish Michael is a shy and retiring postman who is the ‘boy next door’ and wouldn’t harm a fly. However, to the viewers Michael is the ‘People’s Puppet’- an actor working for Big Brother and is set to cause chaos in the house.

He is not classed as a housemate and instead will follow tasks set by the viewers intended to cause havoc in the house- all without his fellow housemates’ knowledge.

Michael’s first secret task under Big Brother’s ‘Secrets and Lies’ theme was to choose between his and his fellow housemates’ suitcases to see which faces the industrial shredder.

Cunningly, he chose to save his own over all the other housemates and they had to watch as their belonging got shredded to pieces- or so it seems! This was just another ploy in Big Brothers evil ‘Secrets and lies’ game and it’s only the beginning!

Tomorrow we are introduced to 6 new housemates set to spice up the house- so tune in to see what lies ahead!