Snowden’s story is a tempting prospect for filmmakers

By BBC London Updated at 2013-07-11 15:30:21 +0000


America’s famous NSA leaker has attracted fascination from around the globe. And whether he is viewed as a noble whistleblower or a traitor, the film world is interested in telling his tale.

Four young filmmakers based in Hong Kong have done it already. Called Verax, their short film – which features an actor who closely resembles Snowden – has had over 200,000 views since it went online.

But what about Hollywood and beyond? Oliver Stone has described Snowden as a hero, while Australian director, Phillip Noyce has expressed interest in making a film. Although not everyone is a fan – Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein has expressed dislike for Snowden’s actions and is not interested in making a film about him any time soon.

So although his is a story which fiercely divides opinion, it looks likely that Edward Snowden could be the subject for a feature film in the near future.