'True Blood' recap: Death Watch

By Mandi Bierly / Entertainment Weekly Updated at 2013-07-29 04:55:40 +0000


True Blood has some surprises up its sleeve yet: The person who was the saddest this hour, Arlene, gave us one of the show's funniest scenes ever when she encountered Bill during daylight. Jessica still has her death wish, but she wants to go out with a vampire bang, so she had sex with James, who remains dreamy. And though we all suspected Nora would die from the Hep V, we got to see her origin story with Eric. (I would've also liked to see them have sex the first time, but you can't have everything.)
We picked up with Eric instructing Willa to find Pam and tell her not to drink the Tru Blood. He was getting Nora out by hiding under a delivery truck, kinda Keanu-Reeves-under-the-bus-in-Speed-style. Willa, wearing a lab coat and carrying the severed arm that allowed her to open doors, reached Pam, who was doing a bit of yoga in her private room. She had been in chains until her fan in the psych department requested they be taken off her. Willa told Pam about the Hep V, and Pam said to warn Tara and Jessica and screw the others. At first, I thought she was just being selfish Pam, but actually, Pam is right: If everyone doesn’t drink the contaminated Tru Blood, the guards will know something is up. I think Pam might actually like Willa a little. Scratch that. I think Pam could tolerate Willa.
Eric took Nora to Bilith, which reminded me of The Blue Lagoon, when Christopher Atkins took Brooke Shields to the place on the island where she’d be praying. Eric said he wasn’t sure what Bill was, but if he is god now, he wanted him to save Nora. Eric put her in a bed and asked Bill to give her his blood. Nora said she’d rather die than have Lilith’s blood. Eric, fangs out, told Bill to give it to her anyway. Bill said it was Nora’s dying wish, and they had to honor it.
Sarah Newlin, meanwhile, drove to Gov. Burrell’s mansion listening to a tape about spreading the gospel. She found Truman’s severed head still resting at the foot of his statue and his body lying nearby along with those of his dead guards. She had a tender/mildly disturbing moment with Truman's head telling him he was a decent man and that his commitment to the cause was whole and pure. She kissed his lips. She said his death was not in vain -- it will galvanize the forces against the evil they fight. She also said the enemy preys on the pure. I have a feeling we’re about to see Sarah Newlin turn real bad.