Seann William Scott: I attracted old ladies

By Belfast Telegraph Updated at 2012-05-03 13:44:01 +0000


Seann William Scott used to attract "really old women" wanting sex when he was in nightclubs because they'd think he was a "weird dude".

The actor reprises his role as crude womaniser Steve Stifler in the latest instalment of the hit comedy movie franchise American Pie.

Seann - who is now happily engaged - says although he's had fun playing the outrageous character, the role has had some negative effects on his love life in the past.

"I guess ultimately I met my fiancée because of this movie, but before that, no! If I went to a club, I would get really old women come up to me, because they'd think, 'Ah, he's a weird dude, he'd do anything.' No young, hot girls came up to me - if they did, it would be like, 'Hey, do you wanna come and get drunk with us?'" he laughed in an interview with

"I'd get late 60s, early 70s women who wanted to have sex."

Seann says promoting American Reunion posed some problems when it came to his relationship with his fiancée Lindsay Frimodt.

"No [I didn't role play] but I think just because we were doing so much press from this movie, I don't consider myself to be like the character at all, but I have said some weird sh*t to her, some Stifler stuff. I can't remember, but she had to call me out. She was like, 'You're talking like Stifler', I was like 'Oh no! I'm so sorry!'" he exclaimed.

Seann was thrilled to return to the big screen in the latest instalment, which also stars Jason Biggs and Tara Reid. He was pleasantly surprised when his co-stars turned out to be as fun and grounded as they were when they started filming the series in 1999.

"I hadn't seen a lot of the guys since 2004, so it was like a little bit of a reunion. I was super psyched to see everybody, but I didn't know if anybody was going to be cool, and it turned out everybody was. They were actually better versions of the guys that I knew back in the day. It was cool," he said.

"As time goes on you don't know whether they're going to become douchebags. But they were awesome, and I've become better friends with them now."