BBC’s Sian Williams Would Read News Naked, If Allowed

By Drew Grant/ BBC Updated at 2013-09-17 06:28:34 +0000

Ah, Europe. With their laxer policies from everything from drinking to nudity, who wouldn’t want to live there? But it’s not all free-wheeling nudists Frenchmen all bicycles: BBC Breakfast host Sian Williams said she would read the news naked, if that’s what it get her out of paying over $9k in taxes that she was trying to write off as expenses. But both her bosses and a tax tribunal said nay.

With over $6k being spent on clothing alone in 2004/05, which Williams tried to write off as a business expense, she argued to the tribunal that “she would be prepared to read the news without clothes and only wears the clothes because her employer requires it”. Which wouldn’t be the first time Euro-television has shown news programs like that: but usually they are reserved for the evening time. Suffice to say, the tribunal rejected her plea, saying, “The tribunal does not accept as realistic that she could perform her duties without wearing any clothes at all if she were not required by her employer to do so.”

Yeah, realistically the only job its acceptable to come to work without any clothes on is blogging.