Heidi Klum Prepares For Halloween

By webpronews Updated at 2013-09-29 23:48:26 +0000


Heidi Klum is known for her modeling career where she has hosted Project Runway as well as her entrepreneurial skills. However, the popular celebrity is also famously recognized for her knack of remembering and enjoying holidays.

As October 31st nears, Heidi Klum is getting ready for her annual Halloween celebrations. This year, Heidi will host her 14th annual holiday party located at the Marquee nightclub in New York. She has even received the nickname “Queen of Halloween” due to elaborate celebratory festivities surrounding this holiday.

The forty-year-old model has selected a “scary dollhouse” theme and has already secured the musical act. DJ Questlove will be the one responsible for making sure the party has hopping tunes to delight the party-goers. Shutterfly, the photo publishing site, will be responsible for decorating the club with the best-themed decorations.