Jay-Z reveals 'spoiled' child fears

By Belfast Telegraph Updated at 2012-05-06 10:42:49 +0000


Jay-Z has joked that he and Beyoncé Knowles will probably raise the "worst, spoiled little kid ever".

The couple welcomed their first child together, a daughter called Blue Ivy, in January. Although they want their baby to have a normal upbringing, music mogul Jay-Z - worth an estimated $450 million - accepts it could be tough to keep Blue grounded.

"I imagine I'll take things I learned from my mom and things I've learned from raising my nephews and apply that," the rapper revealed in a clip taken from Oprah's Master Class: Special Edition, which airs in the US on Sunday. "Then at the end of the day, I just know I'll probably have the worst, spoiled little kid ever."

Blue Ivy has already been showered with expensive gifts and will clearly want for nothing as she grows up.

She is believed to have a wardrobe packed with designer clothes and shoes, Kanye West has splashed out on a mini BMW for her and she sleeps in a an exclusive bespoke crib.

Although Jay-Z is widely respected in the music industry, he understands that children don't always appreciate their parents.

"Everyone imagines they'll be a great dad until their [kids are] teenagers," the 42-year-old laughed. "[They say], 'Get away from me, Dad. You're embarrassing me.' "

Master Class: Special Edition also features stars including Jon Bon Jovi, Reba McIntire and Diane Sawyer discussing family issues.