Luxury jewelers, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels Open at Americana Manhasset

By David Yurman Under Construction/ Updated at 2013-11-09 11:47:26 +0000

IBEX Construction completed the Van Cleef & Arpels and Cartier boutiques at the Americana Manhasset Mall on Long Island, New York in time for the luxury jewelers to open ahead of the Christmas season. Callison designed the two new jewelry boutiques.

Van Cleef & Arpels opened recently as part of the London Jewelers collection of stores at the mall -- a newly developed concept that allows each store to be an individual property from the outside, while allowing customers to move freely from one to the next. Each store has its own distinctive style and exclusive finishes that represent the brand, but the transition from store to store is seamless and relaxed, IBEX explained.

The contractor added that the new Van Cleef & Arpels boutique features a façade created with limestone that was imported from Italy, Venetian plaster covers the interior walls and imported wall coverings create a sumptuous interior space. The jeweler's display cases were all handcrafted and kiosks were created with Verde marble and starfire glass to showcase the brand's premium jewels.

At the new Cartier boutique (pictured), IBEX created a warm, inviting space by using exotic woods for wall coverings and a blended wood and black granite floor. The store’s lighting, including built-in display cases with remote lighting features, general cove lighting and a grand chandelier at the store’s entrance, was designed to highlight the store’s jewels.

“Van Cleef & Arpels and Cartier are jewelers of the highest caliber — their collections are coveted by royal families around the world, celebrities and other high-profile individuals, so their stores are built to reflect the quality and reputation of these brands,” said Andy Frankl, the president of IBEX Construction. “IBEX is known for its attention to detail and dedication to fine workmanship, which has made us the construction company of choice for exclusive, high-end retail and renovation projects. We are pleased to be providing construction management services for multiple stores at the Americana Manhasset and setting the benchmark even higher for luxury retail craftsmanship.”

In 2012, the construction firm created a 4,500-square-foot TWO by London store, the London Jewelers’ engagement shop at the Americana Mall and the brainchild of Scott Udell, of London Jewelers. TWO by London is first of its kind in the U.S., providing a new, unique way to shop for engagement rings, wedding bands and wedding day jewelry.

Udell said, “IBEX Construction was instrumental helping TWO by London kick off our exclusive new concept. TWO by London at the Americana Mall is sleek and modern yet approachable for any client looking for that special ring for that special occasion.”

Additionally, IBEX worked on Chanel Fine Jewelry, Chanel’s specialty retail boutique at the mall. The store offers a mix of Chanel-branded fine jewelry and timepieces. Designed by Barteluce Architects & Associates in cooperation with Peter Marino, the architect who oversees Chanel’s worldwide boutiques, the store is fronted with a custom-designed glass, metal façade and fabric wall panels with integral casework.

IBEX is now building the new David Yurman location at the mall, which is designed by Jason Goldstein LLP, and is expected to feature imported and lacquered white oak cases and matched accent panels on the walls. Rich Montagne stone and Cortina leathers will finish the space. Work on the new David Yurman store has begun and scheduled to open this year.