Marcus “the Magnificent” Malone & Santana

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Carlos Santana Reunites With Marcus “the Magnificent” Malone

The local news reporter for KRON4, Stanley Roberts, was filming a segment called “People Behaving Badly,” and interviewing people about illegal dumping in an Oakland neighborhood. He interviewed Marcus Malone, whom he found rummaging through garbage.

Initially, the reporter thought Malone was making it up, but after KRON4 made some calls and checked him out, they found that not only was he part of The Santana Blues Band, but that he actually helped them grow into the legendary band they became, letting them use his mom’s garage for practices. He was a percussionist, nicknamed “Marcus the Magnificent” when he was part of the band – till 1968.

Malone went to prison in 1969, and lost contact with the other band members. Upon his release, employment was very difficult to come by, and he struggled to survive, eventually ending up on the streets of Oakland. Meanwhile, Santana performed at Woodstock, which helped his career skyrocket. As the legendary guitarist shot to fame, his old friend lived on a hand-to-mouth basis for four decades.

As soon as Santana heard about his long-lost friend’s harsh circumstances, he went to Pearmain Street in Oakland, looking for Malone. After a few unsuccessful trips, he enlisted Roberts’ help to track him down. Roberts arranged for them to meet, and the moment when the two were reunited was an emotional one for both Santana and Malone.

Carlos Santana Reunites With Homeless Bandmate