Kate Middleton Is Going To Be Pregnant With Second Child in 2014

By - Updated at 2014-02-04 23:02:08 +0000


Kate Middleton had a huge year in 2013 and yet she is expected to be pregnant again shortly. In July she delivered her first child and a royal heir and rumor has it that as The Duchess of Cambridge celebrates her 32nd birthday today she is planning ahead for baby number two. Kate and Prince William have said that they’d like to have 3 children within five years and if that time table still stands then by this time next year Kate will likely already be pregnant. The couple was already loved and respected in England but since having Prince George they are even more popular.
Part of the reason seems to be that they connect with the commoners. Sure they have a boatload of cash and need to perform royal duties, however scant, but when they say that they wish to be as normal as possible they live up to that. We watched William wrestle his sons’ car seat into his vehicle for that first ride home from the hospital and Kate is often spotted out and about in her workout gear. They bring a dose of fresh air to the formerly stuffy royal family and a second child being born before George turns two is the kind of spacing that many every day people also choose for their families.
Kate and William have found a way to push the envelope and change the way that the royals do things. Let’s hope that one major tradition bypasses William and that’s the tendency for royal men to take a mistress shortly after the birth of their children.
Do you think that William’s devotion to his mother, the late Princess Diana and seeing all the hurt that she went through will keep him loyal to Kate? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!