Global Green party kicks off Oscar week

By JESSICA HERNDON, AP Film Writer Updated at 2014-02-27 08:52:11 +0000

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (AP) — Global Green USA kicked off Oscar week with a worthy celebration dedicated to rebuilding communities subject to environmental degradation.

Actress Malin Akerman applauded the organization's "conscience" party for being the perfect way to jump-start the final days leading up to the Academy Awards.

Conserving resources starts with the little things "like encouraging kids to turn facets off," said "Veep" star Matt Walsh, who was a first-time attendee at the event celebrating the organization's 20th year.

Global Green USA, which focuses on efforts to help the planet, has seen support from Orlando Bloom and best actor nominee Leonardo DiCaprio over its 20-year run.

"We are now the green event of Oscar week!" said Mary Luevano, the organization's interim executive director. "It's huge to have folks like Orlando (Bloom) and Leonardo DiCaprio, who is on our board, and Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz talk about driving to the Oscars in hybrid cars."

Electronic musician Moby was the night's performer. "I've been a vegan for 26 years," he said. "I walk everywhere and I live and work at the same place. I've been lobbying Governor Brown to get water intensive agriculture out of California."

But he admits the transition to being environmentally sound can be steep. "The irresponsible thing I still do is heat my pool," he said. "The only way I justify that is by inviting all of my friends over at once to go swimming."

Joan Rivers, who said she can't wait to see what best actress nominee Cate Blanchett wears to the Academy Awards on March 2, said she pulls out any television plugs she's not using in the house to conserve energy. "And when I'm in hotel rooms I make sure the lights get turned off," she added.

Though the academy has cast their votes for the 86th annual Oscars, past co-stars of Leonard DiCaprio are still campaigning for his win for playing a hedonistic stockbroker in "The Wolf of Wall Street."

"Titanic" actors Billy Zane and Frances Fisher think it's about time the 39-year-old actor got a trophy. "He just keeps getting better," said Zane. "His work is deserved of that accolade many times over."

Added Fisher: "I've seen those faces on Leo ever since 'Titanic' and it's great to see him putting that sense of humor that he has into that character."

The zero-waste party rose over $20,000 during the live auction following the plant-based dinner. Musician Michelle Branch modeled a Gemesis three-stone conflict-free lab grown diamond ring, which sold for $12,000.

"Global Green knows how to romance the change," added Zane.