The Voice: Sisaundra Lewis Steals The Show

By Hollywood Life– Elizabeth Wagmeister Updated at 2014-03-18 05:10:49 +0000
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The blind auditions introduced so many great singers so when they were put head-to-head, some tough competition was brought into the spotlight. Thankfully, The Voice has the steal, which saved some of the best singers — and also kept the judges fighting, as per usual. In the end, Blake Shelton‘s contestant Sisaundra Lewis stole the show with the best performance of the night.

The Battle Rounds Begin — And So Do The Steals
First up was Biff Gore and TJ Wilkins from Team Usher! Jill Scott served as a mentor to these two, and we have to say, she did a great job because these guys both rocked! However, it’s the battle rounds so only one man could reign supreme, after their soulful rendition of “Aint Too Proud To Beg.” All of the judges loved the entire performance, but Usher was hit with the tough decision, prompting Blake to tell Usher, “I feel for you.” In the end, TJ won the first round. Poor Biff…

…Not too fast! Blake clearly did feel for this guy because came in with the steal, saving Biff! “I’m hoping he can teach me a little bit,” said Blake, pointing out Biff’s high kicks and dance moves. “I”m a fan.”

Blake came in with the steal in the first round, but he also had a team of his own to judge, starting with Jake Worthington and Lexi Luca who sang “It Goes Like This” and were mentored by The Band Perry. The male and female voices paired together were lovely, but as we know, only one teen could stick on Team Blake. So who won? Jake.

Team Shakira singers Dani Moz and DeShawn Washington took the stage next with “My Kind of Love.” Miranda Lambert paired up with Shakira to mentor the two powerhouses, and after their amazing performance, Shakira regretted putting them together because they were both so good. Ultimately, she selected Dani to stay on her team, telling her, “I see this fire in you.”

Rocker Kat Perkins and Patrick Thomson from Team Adam took the stage next with a duo to Kenny Loggins‘ and Stevie Nicks‘ song, “Whenever I Call You ‘Friend.’” Adam loved the entire song, as he smiled from the judges’ panel sidelines, and he should have — the performance was near perfect! With a tough call to make, Adam chose Kat. He explained, “Kat has an overall strength that I just can’t let go of.”

And either could Shakira — she stole Patrick, telling him “you’re so good!”

Team Blake’s Sisaundra Lewis Is The First Frontrunner Of The Season
Blake and The Band Perry returned with their second battle to coach former teen pop star Paula DeAnda and frontrunner Sisaundra Lewis who belted out “Do What You Want” with each other. Both of these ladies have incredible voices, resulting in a show-stopping performance. So what was the final result? Sisaundra walked away the winner, stunning each and every one of the coaches. Don’t even get us started on that high note! You go, girl!

Adam, Blake and Shakira Fight Over Usher’s Contestant — Who Took The Steal?
The last battle of the night belonged to Jake Barker and Stevie Jo of Team Usher. Usher’s second battle of Monday night brought a great performance with the boys belting out “Higher Love.” So which one of the young soul singers wrapped up the night, as the winner? Well, both of them!

Stevie wound up on Team Usher, but before Usher even got to select who he wanted on his team, Adam told the boys that he was going to steal whichever guy who was leftover! Not so fast, Adam — Shakira, Blake and Adam all vied to steal Jake, but in the end, Jake chose to go with Adam!

HollywoodLifers, what did you think about that major steal? And is Sisaundra Lewis your favorite singer of the battle rounds, thus far? Let us know!

Hollywood Life– Elizabeth Wagmeister