The Voice Season 6: Who Was Eliminated Tonight, May 6, 2014?

By Updated at 2014-05-07 04:15:35 +0000
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As if The Voice's double eliminations weren't cruel enough, tonight Carson reminds us that not two but THREE contestants will be going home tonight. How are we supposed to deal with this? Let's get through this together.

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Thankfully for Usher, soul singer Josh Kaufman isn't one of them. He was the first of the four "safe" artists to be announced. Shortly after, Shakira was equally relieved to learn that her last remaining singer, Kristen Merlin, would be advancing to next week.
We're not surprised to learn that YouTube star Christina Grimmie from Team Adam also avoided the axe this week, along with Team Blake's incredibly endearing Jake Worthington, who managed to turn a bad told into a gritty, "outlaw" style vocal performance. The good news in all of this triple elimination crap is that all four coaches have an artist in the final 5.
That meant Kat Perkins and Delvin Choice of Team Adam, as well as Audra McLaughlin and Sisaundra Lewis of Team Blake each sang one last time in hopes of earning the most Twitter Save nods from their social media savvy fans.