Amal Rejected George Clooney, Twice

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Analyze all of George Clooney's exes and you'll be hard pressed to find a "type." From girl-next-door (who can throw down in a ring) Stacy Keibler to Italian actress Elisabetta Canalis, and Cocktail Waitress Sarah Larson, the only shared trait seemed to be" Beautiful. So what was missing? Why couldn't any of those beauties get the "eternal bachelor" to get on bended knee and commit beyond the red carpet appearances and Italian Villa sightings? Human Rights Attorney Amal Alamuddin clearly had the one thing that the others were missing: the X Appeal.
Sure, he's "hottest man alive" handsome and A-list actor wealthy, but to Amal he was just a guy.
What did she do when the two were introduced at a party and he asked for her phone number? She rejected him. Twice. She wasn't about to fall for the surface appeal that landed others in fleeting relationships with the ultimate silver fox. She made him put some effort into it. Because that's what women of high self-worth, women who know what they bring to the table, women who aren't in it for the short ride, women who know that in order to make a man truly want you he has to view you as the prize.

When he finally sent her several emails, egging on witty banter, the flirty fun had begun. But still, she didn't immediately offer herself up. She didn't clear her calendar and drop everything in order to make herself available for him. She didn't obsess over his messages. Why? Because she has a life! And that's sexy. A man wants to be with a woman who is a happy and complete person- minus him. Do you know why? What happens when a woman depends on her man for her happiness, her plans, her life? What happens when her entire world revolves around his moods and his moves? She becomes needy. She has little to bring to the table. She becomes an accessory as opposed to a partner.

Now, don't for a second confuse Amal's approach with playing games. She was doing anything but. Amal simply had a strategy. She wasn't a bitch. She was simply blasé. She was aware of her value. She had an attitude of abundance, one that made George, for maybe the first time in his life, work for what he wanted- which automatically upped her value. Why? A man wants to feel like he "won." If you are too easy to obtain, if you fall to their knees, if you make him feel like HE is the prize as opposed to YOU being the prize, well then what is he winning?
Amal followed the No-Games strategy to get this "eternal bachelor" to make a home-cooked meal, get on bended knee, and commit.
Guess whose winning now?


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