US Fourth of July weekend marred by spate of gun violence

By Updated at 2014-07-06 00:39:24 +0000


The Fourth of July weekend was marred for some by a spate of gun violence in at least three cities across the US.

In Indianapolis, Indiana, seven people were shot – including one who was critically injured – early Saturday morning in an area known for its nightlife, police said.

An Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officer heard multiple gunshots at around 2.30am Saturday in the city's Broad Ripple neighborhood, police spokesman Lieutenant Christopher Bailey said in a press release.

One man is in critical condition at a local hospital, Bailey said. Five other men and a woman also were shot, but do not have life-threatening injuries.

Meanwhile, at a music festival in Houston, Texas, authorities say six people have been injured in a shooting.

Houston police spokeswoman Jodi Silva said witnesses told police that a man opened fire just before 2am on Saturday morning inside an arena filled with several thousand fans attending the Houston Caribbean Festival. The shooter hit four men, leaving one in critical condition.

Silva says two women were hurt after people panicked and began to flee. She says the shooting victims were taken to hospitals, and one man is in critical condition. There have been no arrests.

The Chicago Tribune reported that at least 21 people were shot overnight, bringing the total number of people shot in the city since the three-day weekend began on Thursday afternoon to at least 36.

Three of the incidents involved police shootings, the Tribune reports.

During last year’s Fourth of July weekend, shootings in Chicago left at least 12 people dead and more than 62 wounded, NBC's local Chicago affiliate reported at the time.

Despite having some of the nation’s strictest firearm laws, Chicago still suffers from widespread gun violence, which mayor Rahm Emanuel has called the city’s “most urgent problem”.