Brazil deny rumours of special treatment

By Updated at 2014-07-07 17:31:25 +0000


Neymar and the Brazil football confederation have denied media reports that the striker could undergo special treatment on his fractured vertebrae to try to play in the World Cup final if the hosts make it that far.

Neymar and the confederation released statements late on Sunday saying that nothing that could risk the player’s health or career would be attempted to allow him to try to play if Brazil beat Germany in Tuesday’s semi-final.

The statements came after the Brazilian media quoted doctors from the Brazilian club Santos, Neymar’s former team, as saying there was a chance the striker could return for Sunday’s final with alternative treatments and painkiller injections.

The 22-year-old Barcelona star was ruled out of the rest of the World Cup after being kneed in the back late in Brazil’s 2-1 quarter-final victory over Colombia.

Tests conducted at a hospital shortly after Friday’s match showed a fracture in his third vertebra.

The confederation said in its statement that “the prognosis is excellent” for Neymar, but only if the injury is given the proper amount of time to heal. “Rushed measures put at risk his future life as an athlete”, the statement added.

The Brazil team doctor, José Luiz Runco, said Neymar is expected to be sidelined for about 45 days. He has returned home from the team’s training camp to recover. “Let’s not create an illusion to the Brazilian people,” Runco told Globo TV. “There isn’t the smallest possibility for Neymar to play on 13 July if Brazil reaches the final.”

Neymar’ remains solely under the care of the Brazil confederation’s doctors until the end of the World Cup. The visit by Santos’ doctors was a “cordiality.”

While the statement never directly dismissed the possibility he could play in the final, it said that “no alternative treatment was discussed”.

“If Neymar becomes fit to play before initially expected, it will be because of the positive progress of his condition through the treatment being administered,” the statement said.