Brazil 0 Holland 3 - Play-off for third place - live!

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Deserved bronze medals for the Dutch, undefeated in seven games. As with half-time, the final whistle is accompanied by boooooooooos and disappointment. This was supposed to be their tournament but the country will remember it for all the wrong reasons. The players are in the middle of the pitch and the look shell-shocked. Holland, by contrast, look happy enough. Robben waves to the camera and smiles like a player who has got himself a bronze medal, which, of course, he has.

FULL TIM: Brazil 0 Holland 3

94 min: Cancel that anti-romantic designation. Van Gaal sends on the one player who has not yet featured in the tournament, Michel Vorm for Cillessen.

Robben ambles down the right, stops and passes to Janmaat on the overlap. He cuts the ball back for Wijnaldum and he slams the ball home easily enough from inside the area.

Goal! Brazil 0 Holland 3 (Wijnaldum: And another one.

90 min: "There is one positive for Brazil tonight," says John Muir. "The kit man is on point with Hulk's shorts this time."

88 min: Van Gaal has two substitutions to make but he isn't going to do anything conventional or romantic is he?

87 min: From that clearance, Holland do what they do best, counter with speed. They eventually win a corner. Robben swings it in from the right and César rises above the rest to almost punch the ball into his own net. It should be a corner. It is a goalkick. More poor refereeing. Sigh.

86 min: A free-kick to Brazil wide on their right, near the corner flag. Hulk takes it and Wijnaldum – who, like Vlaar, has also been excellent of late – clears it.

83 min: Maxwell takes down De Vrij on the half-way line. The Dutchman smiles. He knows. Holland play the ball around their own half, before launching it long towards Robben. In the box, he takes the ball down on his chest but is nudged in the back by Fernandinho. He wants a penalty. Van Gaal wants a penalty. They do not get it.

80 min: De Vriij goes down when Maxwell shapes to trip him but pulls out of it. Free-kick for Holland. The ball is played up to Robben who goes flying when he takes it on his chest and is bundled over by Fernandinho.

77 min: Brazil pour forward like a burst of early morning sunlight. Hulk has the ball at his feet and he looks to cut inside and hit one for the top corner. Luckily for those of us who do not want extra-time, the ever impressive Vlaar – where will he be next season? – steps in and nicks the ball off his toe.

76 min: There is still one Brazil fan in the house. Step forward Nicholas. "Brazil are still my second team. All of those emailing you never supported Brazil because they were against them from the day they got that penalty against Croatia. Brazil still made it to the semi-final, and that's still pretty good last I checked."

73 min: Ramires follows Blind off the pitch. Hulk follows Janmaat on. He wins a corner for a team right away. It goes short to Willian. He goes long to the back post. Too long.

72 min: The Dutch almost have too many options as Wijnaldum, Robben and Van Persie in turn try to slalom their way through the box but cannot work an opening.

70 min: Daryl Janmaat replaces Blind.

68 min: David Luiz wrestles Robben to the ground and awards the free-kick to Brazil. Yeah, I know. Anyway. Brazil play the free-kick forward and the after a pass or three, the ball comes to Oscar inside the box. He looks to shift the ball past Blind but knees collide and Oscar hits the turf. The referee does not hesitate and p oints to the spot gives Oscar a yellow for diving. Replays show that to be the incorrect decision.

68 min: Foolish decison from this inadequate referee to book Oscar for diving in the box when Blind brings him down, stepping on his foot and their knees colliding. Blind's knee was so badly jarred that he leaves on a stretcher. No contact! What a spoofer.

67 min: Robben bursts out laughing bwhen he's penalised for backing into David Luiz who was monstering him like an octopus.

65 min: Maicon crosses from the right touchline, blocked by Vlaar. The crowd claim the penalty and it did hit his uper arm as he made his body compact to absorb the block. Not given. Can't really complain.

64 min: Oscar breaks fown the inside left gap but Vlaar spots him and stops him, belting the ball into touch as the midfielder shaped to shoot.

63 min: A chance for David Luiz to redeem himself. Brazil have a free-kick – thanks to a silly foul by Blind – just outside the box, right in the centre of the pitch. The defender aims and shoots and finds the hands of Cillessen.

61 min: Ramires gets the ball with his back to goal and pirouettes like a Russian ballerina. Some quick feet, the type of quick feet that would have Tony Manero nodding in appreciation, sees him find some space. He flashes his shot – can you flash a shot? – just wide of Cillessen's right post.

60 min: Good turn from Ramires, sending Vlaar off to the right then pushing off his left foot to go to his left and fire a diagnal shot across goal and a couple of yards wide.

59 min: Hernanes quotes passages from the Bible to his team-mates before matches. He is known as The Prophet. He has also just taken Robben right out of it and somehow gets away without the flash of yellow in his face.

58 min: Off goes Paulinho and on comes Hernanes.

55 min: mins Fernandinho gets industrial on Van Persie (and his knee) and gets a yellow card for his troubles. Holland have a free-kick wide on the left. The players are in the box, expecting the ball to be hoicked in the area but the Dutch go short and chose to keep hold of the ball.

53 min: "You’d only have a second favourite team if they inspired admiration or joy or excitement or romance or something interesting like that" states Paul Lobban. "The current Brazil team are utterly joyless. We don’t need another joyless South American team, that’s what Argentina are for."

51 min: Brazil take a short corner and waste it. Holland counter via Robben and Fernandinho takes him down just inside the Brazil half. Robben takes the resulting free-kick quick and short to Blind. He returns the pass and Robben squeezes through two Brazil defenders. On the edge of the area, his shot is blocked and it loops to the back post. Wijnaldum is at the back posy looking to nod it in but he is offside.

49 min: "At the risk of over-simplifying," risks Fergus Carroll, "many people appear to have been turned off Brazil because they aren't a particularly good or entertaining team. Probably why so many jumped on the Colombia bandwagon instead." That and Ham-es' hair.

47 min: Maxwell saunters up the left and fizzes in a cross that scoots across the six-yard box with no one on the end of it.

46 min: Brazil take off Luiz Gustavo and bring on Fernandinho.

HALF TIME: Brazil 0 Holland 2

45 + 2 min: Nothing more to report here so that's your lot for now. As soon as the whistle goes, so do the boooooooooos from the home crowd. Back in a few minutes.

45 + 1 min: De Guzman spears a pass out to the left and Clasi fizzes it across the six-yard box. It bounces and skips away from Van Persie but to show the difference in commitment, Robben turns on the afterburners to race to the touchline to stop it going out for a Brazil throw and gets another attacking move underway.

45 min: There is two more minutes until we all get a well-deserved break.

44 min: Vlaar takes down Ramires on the edge of the box, right in the centre of the pitch. Cillessen lines up his wall. David Luiz stands behind it as does Oscar. The Chelsea man fails to beat said wall.

43 min: Back to the penalty for a second folks. "The red card should have been obvious other than the fact that no Brazilian will get red this tournament" says João André. "On the other hand, no way it was a penalty. The foul started a good yard away from the box." I have yet to see a replay of this folks – the speed of MBMs means you only see things once – but is João right?

42 min: Kuyt has to go off to have a wound stapled after Maxwell split the back of his head open with his forearm as they went up for a header. The referee looks the other way.

39 min: Kuyt gets a nasty blow to head. The staple gun is out.

37 min: Oscar is taking the fight to Holland virtually single-handedly and rather late to start making the impact his talent should on this tournament. De Guzman brings him down cynically and is booked.

36 min: It's Wijnaldum who makes the defensive header out for a corner from Oscar's free-kick but Holland break from the corner then Brazil break back. It's a yo-yo game.

34 min: Wijnaldum is penalised at the edge of the area for bringing down Oscar, who takes it, curling a free-kick to the back post from the right of centre. He hits it beautifully but the Dutch mark up properly and no Brazil player has a run at getting the right timing on his leap.

33 min: Maicon gets the ball from Willian at the corner of the box. Wijnaldum puts the boot in and Maicon does a dive looking for a penalty. It's never that, but it is a free-kick. Oscar takes it with pace and Wijnaldum – I think – lets it hit off his back and go out for the first corner of the game. Brazil do nothing with it.

30 min: It was almost three. Robben finds space on the right and sets up De Guzmá on the edge of the area. He shoots for home but his effort misses by this much.

29 min: Oscar goes for a walk down the right-hand side and is stopped in his tracks by Martins Indi. A free-kick it is on the edge of the box. Oscar takes and Silva rises but his header is miles wide.

28 min: Davids Luiz has the ball at back in his own half and under no pressure whatsoever. He boots it forward and right into the hands of Cillessen. People say Jô and Fred should never play for Brazil but the PSG man cannot be far behind.

25 min: Paulinho gives a free-kick away on the right. The Dutch could aim it in long into the box but opt to play piggy-in-the-middle and raise the ire of the crowd. Kuyt eventually effs it up by ballooning the ball out of play.

24 min: Oscar again works a decent position and, via Willian, invites Maicon to have a snap shot but the defender closes him down quickly, blocks with his shin and Holland break fast through Van Persie.

23 min: You have to laugh really. Unless you are Brazilian, of course. Meanwhile, Oscar swerved his way into space outside the Dutch box and aimed an effort on goal.

22 min: Good play from Oscar, jinking his way in from the right, drops his shoulder to beat one defender then does it again for another before firing a low shot to Cillessen's left from 25 yards which the keeper gathers on the dive.

21 min: If I was Dutch I'd be singing, in the spirit of Manchester United fans at Steve Foster in the 1983 FA Cup final replay, 'Thiago Silva, what a difference you have made'. I know this match in the scheme of things doesn't matter but this defending is scandalous.

19 min: Another goal, another example of why PSG will be searching for the receipt for David Luiz. Robben picked the ball up outside the box, looked up and played a short, sharp pass to De Guzmán on the right. He had enough time and space to look up and lob the ball in the box. Once there it reached the head of our hero. He could have head it over the bar and away from any danger but instead he chose to head backwards – he was facing the goal – and into the path of Blind. He controlled the ball and hit the same spot as Van Persie did with his penalty.

Goal! Brazil 0 Holland 2 (Blind):Lovely reverse pass from Robben sets De Guzman off to the dead ball line where he sends in a cross, David Luiz backheads it into play instead of knocking it out and Blind hooks it into the net. Meanwhile Jose Mourinho runs to check PSG's cheque has cleared. He defends like a muppet at times.

15 min: Oscar takes a long ball clipped out to the left wing on his chest then lets it roll down his upper arms inadvertently. Free-kick.

14 min: Ramires gets the ball at the corner of the box on the right. He hooks it in and Vlaar gets rid of it. A swift counter comes to nothing but Holland retain possession for a moment or two and keeps the crowd – which, frankly, sounds like a One Direction concert when Brazil are on the ball – quiet for a moment or two.

13 min: Kuyt looks for Robben down the right as he tears into the space behind Maxwell but overhist the pass. This comes moment after Cillessen gives us his famous 'Cillessen Turn' in the box. Cruyff Turn > Cillessen Turn.

11 min: "The fact he didn't send Silva off is either compassion or a tacit admission that this game is pointless," reckons Niall Mullen. Can it be both?

9 min: Jô scampers onto a long ball forward down the right. He turns and lays the ball back to Ramires on the edge of the box. He tries to squirt the ball past a few Dutch defenders but it rebounds back and Holland counter with pace. That comes to nothing except a yellow card for Robben.

7 min: Holland are breaking fast and Wijnaldum plays a chipped pass over the top for Van Persie to stretch his legs. His pass is blocked and Robben fouls when he tries to workd the ball back.

6 min: Aren't Brazil meant to be better with Silva in defence?

3 min: Goal! Brazil 0 Holland 1 (Van Persie):
The Manchester United man gets his 4th goal of the tournament by lashing the spot-kick into the top-right corner of the net. César dived to the correct side but got nowhere near it.


2 mins Holland had dominate possession for the opening seconds, stroking the ball around the pitch as Brazil press high and hard. A ball was hit long and Van Persie took it down. He twirled and played a wonderful through ball for Robben. Just a touch inside the box, he is held back by Silva and the referee is left with no choice.

1 min: Off goes the match. Holland get us going, they are playing right to left. Brazil take their lead from YG and start off in a left, right fashion.
The team news is in like pajama tops

Brazil: César, Maicon, Silva, Luiz, Maxwell, Gustavo, Paulinho, Ramires, Oscar, Willian, Jô. Subs: Jefferson, Victor, Dani Alves, Fernandinho, Marcelo, Hulk, Fred, Dante, Henrique, Hernanes, Bernard.

Holland: Cillessen; Kuyt, De Vrij, Vlaar, Martins Indi, Blind; Clasie, Wijnaldum, Sneijder De Guzmán; Robben, Van Persie. Subs: Vorm, Krul, Janmaat, De Guzman, Verhaegh, Veltman, Kongolo, Lens, Huntelaar, Memphis.

Referee: Djamel Haimoudi (#ALG)

The match could prove to be Luiz Felipe Scolari's last in charge, and the coach is likely to make changes to a team whose confidence has been so badly damaged.
Captain Thiago Silva will return after suspension, while his Paris Saint-Germain colleague Maxwell, the only outfield player yet to feature, may play a part.
Despite Neymar's rallying cry, almost all of those involved in Brasilia would rather be elsewhere, with Daniel Alves having made clear his lack of appetite for the bronze-medal clash.

* Brazil vs Holland
* Estadio NacionalBrasilia
* 12 Jul 2014 - 17:00 Local time
* Play-off for third place

Review: Neymar has urged his Brazil team-mates to rescue some of their battered pride after their humiliating World Cup semi-final defeat to Germany by beating the Netherlands in Saturday's third-place play-off in Brasilia.
It is the one game that no team ever wants to take part in, but the encounter at the Mane Garrincha National Stadium took on extra significance after the hosts' dream of lifting the trophy at the Maracana 24 hours later was ended by their record 7-1 loss against the Germans.
Neymar missed that match after fracturing a bone in his back in the quarter-final win against Colombia, but the 22-year-old superstar faced the media on Thursday as he called for Brazil to bow out on a high.
"It was unbelievable, inexplicable. We had the opportunity to write our names into history in a positive manner, and we failed," he said of the Selecao's embarrassing semi-final loss, their heaviest-ever defeat.
"We haven't had a good campaign. We were consistent, which is why we reached the semi-finals, but we didn't play the kind of enchanting football associated with Brazil.
"Now we need to approach Saturday's game as if it were the final and finish the World Cup smiling, with a victory. It is not going to lessen the pain, but it is important."

"The important thing is first place. Nothing else matters," said the right-back. "We represent millions of people, so we have to digest this defeat and go out onto the field on Saturday. But, for me, every game is about being first."
The mood in the Dutch camp is the same. The Oranje have a day less to prepare for the match after their agonising defeat on penalties to Argentina in Wednesday's second semi-final in Sao Paulo.
However, in contrast to Brazil, Holland will be able to look back on a campaign which started with a 5-1 thumping of Spain as a success.
Manager Louis van Gaal, who will take charge of Manchester United after the World Cup, told a news conference the third-place game "should never be played" and noted he had been saying the same thing for 10 years.
"But the worst thing is I believe that chances are that you lose twice in a row," he said.
"And a tournament in which you've played so marvelously well, you would go home as a loser just because you could possibly have lost the last two matches and this has got nothing to do with sport in my view.
"So, in a football tournament particularly not at the last stage you shouldn't have players playing match for third-fourth place. Because there is only one award that counts and that is becoming world champion."
"We have had a fantastic tournament. Nobody expected us to get beyond the group stage," said coach Louis van Gaal, who must motivate himself for his final match at the helm before he takes over at Manchester United.
"We have a day's less rest, which is not very fair. The third-place play-off is pointless. I was saying that 15 years ago, because you can have a fantastic tournament and then finish with two defeats," he added.
With the sole exception of third-choice goalkeeper Michel Vorm, every member of the Dutch squad has played some part at the tournament, but Van Gaal may choose to give younger players such as Jordy Clasie and Memphis Depay a run-out from the start here.
Meanwhile, Nigel de Jong could miss out after surprisingly featuring for an hour against Argentina, just 10 days after tearing a groin muscle in the last-16 win over Mexico.