Happy Mother's Day from Eastern Congo with Intro from ECI Founder, Ben Affleck + VIDEO

By The Huffington Post Updated at 2012-05-14 08:06:43 +0000

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  • Happy Mother's Day from Eastern Congo with Intro from ECI Founder, Ben Affleck
    2012-05-13 15:38:03 UTC

It's every mother's human right to give her children health, safety and happiness, no matter where she is from.

Today mothers in the Congo face unimaginable hardships. Inadequate health care, violence and grinding poverty often stand in the way of future prospects and opportunities for their children. But there's hope. There are amazing community-based organizations affecting change everyday.

As you celebrate the moms in your life, please help us raise awareness and support for moms in eastern Congo and the local organizations that are working to improve their lives and communities

1) SHARE THIS VIDEO via the Diaalnews social share buttons to support moms in eastern Congo.

2) MAKE A DONATION in honor of the moms in your life today.

Together we can create an eastern Congo vibrant with the opportunities and future that every mother envisions for her child.

Your contribution will benefit the following community-based organizations:

HEAL Africa: Provides Innovative Prenatal Care and Micro-Insurance programs to Congolese women to increase access to health care for birthing mothers and reduce maternal and infant deaths.

Laissez L'Afrique Vivre (L.A.V.): Provides vocational training, micro grants and safe housing to teenage mothers and vulnerable youth.

AFEM: Encourages the advancement of Congolese women and gender parity in all areas of public life by training and enabling rural women journalists.