Oscar Pistorius to be released on parole

By Updated at 2015-06-09 08:09:52 +0000

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    2015-06-09 08:04:20 UTC

(Reuters) - Opinion in South Africa is sharply divided over reports that Olympic and Paralympic track star, Oscar Pistorius will be released from prison on parole in August, after serving 10 months of a five-year sentence for the culpable homicide of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. Rudi Bakhtier reports.

It came as no surprise in South Africa, but news of Oscar Pistorius' pending release from prison in August has divided opinion, just as his conviction did last year. "He never served a proper sentence for what he did and I'm really against that, that he has to be released at this stage. I think his matter must be reviewed and he must still go back to court." "I think it's okay. I think it was a terrible mistake and I think personally, he must be paying a very heavy price for it." "I don't know, let's see how it goes, but maybe justice will serve its course - but once again, money talks." Pistorius, convicted of killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, on Valentine;'s Day, 2013, will be released on parole for good behavior on August 21st and serve the rest of his five-year sentence under house arrest. The Olympic and Paralympic track star qualifies under South African sentencing guidelines that say non-dangerous prisoners should spend only one-sixth of their sentence behind bars. But his release won't mark the end of his legal road. Prosecutors, who won their appeal against his culpable homicide conviction, now want Pistorius tried for murder. If convicted, he would be returned to jail where he could remain for another 15 years.