A 'safe zone' plan in Syria is an attempt by Turkey to stop Kurds

By Updated at 2015-07-29 06:12:56 +0000


Selahattin Demirtas, who leads the HDP (People's Democratic Party), told the BBC that Turkey's real intention was to make an incursion into Kurdish areas in Syria so as to stop Syrian Kurds from controlling contiguous territory.

"Turkey doesn't intend to target IS with this safe zone. The Turkish government was seriously disturbed by Kurds trying to create an autonomous state in Syria," Mr Demirtas said.

He added that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan"would never let this happen and that we would intervene whatever the cost".

"So, the safe zone is intended to stop the Kurds, not ISIS. In fact, Turkey should work with Kurdish forces to create this area. They should collaborate," Mr Demirtas said.

Meanwhile, several Turkish fighter jets launched a series of air raids against Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) bases in the mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan Tuesday night, “eight Turkish F-16s fiercely attacked Mount Matin near the city of Dohuk tonight.” And six Turkish jets carried out attacks on the Balakayeti Mountains. Said a Rudaw reporters on the scene.

The attacks reportedly hit Rat, Metina, Gare, Haftanin and Havashin in Qandil Mountains located in Kurdistan region.

Villagers in the area also confirmed ongoing sporadic air strikes by Turkish warplanes Tuesday night.

Turkish attacks on PKK’s mountain bases have been ongoing since the early hours of Saturday.

Tuesday’s strikes followed a day of shelling by the Turkish artillery.

The latest conflict has brought to a halt and possible end of a peace agreement reached between Ankara and the PKK two years ago.

The airstrikes coincide with nationwide raids inside Turkey against the PKK and serious confrontations between Kurdish activists and the Turkish police.

U.S. had sanctioned Turkey's air strike on Kurdish forces in northern Iraq.