Humpback whales feed in San Francisco's Bay

By Updated at 2016-07-18 22:43:45 +0000


San Francisco Bay — A group of kayakers captured an incredible sight in San Francisco Bay as a group of humpback whales gathered during a feeding frenzy.

Lyrinda Snyderman and Dick Mallory from Petaluma, California were paddling their kayaks on the morning of July 10, when they spotted a flock of birds. The pair approached the scene expecting to get a glimpse of some whales.

"We saw them on occasion," Snyderman told ABC station KGO-TV in San Francisco. "Three at once coming up from the bottom like a Polaris missile with their mouths open to capture all the water. We had never seen this behavior before in the bay."


The group captured the whale feeding, which went on for 45 minutes, on video.

Whales experts told KGO that the creatures were probably feasting on an abundance of herring in the bay.


The humpbacks breached the surface over the course of half an hour to dine on fish. They are likely migrating north.


Humpback whales feast on fish in San Francisco Bay.

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