Brooklyn Decker: Neeson scarier than aliens

By Belfast Telegraph- Updated at 2012-05-17 18:22:24 +0000


Brooklyn Decker says facing Liam Neeson is scarier than fighting aliens.

The actress joked that her Battleship co-star is more intimidating than the extraterrestrial creatures her character encounters in the sci-fi action movie.

In Battleship, the blonde beauty plays the iconic actor's daughter. She claims Liam was the more petrifying "animal" given a choice of him or life forms from outer space.

"Hmm? I think Liam Neeson. He's a scary guy," she laughed to movie website Collider. "And I feel like now we're all very well equipped to fight the aliens - the Battleship cast can save the world if we need to - but Liam Neeson, he's a different animal."

Brooklyn also spoke of how much fun she had with the improvisation technique employed on set.

The former model recalled a scene where she was asked to sing like her co-star Rihanna.

"I loved it [improvising on set] because it gives you so much freedom and it makes us have fun. You get to joke around; in one scene he told me to read it and sing it like Rihanna - so I'm singing one of my scenes like Rihanna! It keeps you constantly having fun, it keeps you on your toes?" she said.