Anna Faris recalls sex education

By The Huffington Post Updated at 2012-05-19 10:27:44 +0000


Anna Faris learnt about sex when playing with Barbie dolls and her brother's "Big Jim".

The American actress has reminisced about her upbringing, which was quite sheltered. She didn't know much about boys and learnt about the facts of life when she was playing with toys.

"I discovered sexuality thanks to my Barbie. I always took her and I tried to get her to have sex with my brother's Big Jim," she laughed.

Anna loved her childhood although some aspects of it were quite strict. Her mother wouldn't allow her to watch televisions and wasn't happy about her fraternising with boys, which didn't trouble the star in the slightest.

"I grew up like a hippie, atheist and neoliberal but my mother had a very stiff approach with my education: no television and no sex," she told the Italian edition of Vanity Fair. "In any case that was no problem because I had to wear a brace and I was very fat."

Anna, 35, and her husband Chris Pratt recently confirmed they are expecting their first child. The news will have caused a thrill among her relatives, who have been keen for her to procreate for some time.