Rihanna Has a Crush on Alexander Skarsgard

By MADISON VANDERBERG Updated at 2012-04-09 14:06:51 +0000


Rihanna has a thing for her “Battleship” co-star Alexander Skarsgard. Err derr, have you looked at his face?

Rihanna is in the movie "Battleship" and also because Rihanna is just an all around man-eater, she is using the “Battleship” press junket to try and reel in fresh meat.

“Alexander Skarsgard is so hot,” she tells more! Magazine, “I had to keep my game face. I cold stare at him all day long. I was just watching him on set. He’s very focused and he was really sweet.”

Love how she follows up that “I was just watching him” quote with a “he was really sweet,” as if it makes it less creepy.

Also, since this was Rihanna’s first acting gig, unless you count acting-pouty in Armani adds, she admits she was super nervous around the other movie’s stars like Brooklyn Decker and Taylor Kitsch.

“I was completely intimidated by the other actors. But I had a lot of scenes with Taylor Kitsch and he helped he out a lot along the way.”

Rihanna also adds that even though she’s in a “war movie” or a “family board game” movie, not really sure how they are marketing “Battleship,” Rihanna says she ain’t as tough as she seems.

“I don’t set out to look tough; I just think it comes out a lot in the way I dress, my body language, and the videos I make. I always try and stay true to myself,” says RiRi, “Sometimes it can come across as vulnerable and at other times aggressive, but I’m just doing what I feel like. The image comes after.”