Countries around the world celebrating start of 2018

By Updated at 2018-01-01 00:21:15 +0000


In the heart of Berlin, fireworks are igniting the night sky behind the Brandenburg Gate. Similar celebrations are taking place across Germany, including Cologne, Hamburg and Munich.

The Chancellor of the Free World, Angela Merkel used her televised speech ahead of the festivities to call for Germans to be more considerate to each other in 2018. The chancellor said that consideration means "paying attention, truly listening, and showing understanding for others."

In France, President Emmanuel Macron asked French citizens in his televised address to support his ambitions for reforming the European Union (EU).

"I need your determination to enact this European awakening and together we must not give any ground to the nationalists or skeptics," he said.
"We have to rediscover a European ambition, to find a more sovereign Europe, one that is more united, more democratic because it is good for our peoples," he said.


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