Jennifer Love Hewitt Gets Digital Breast Reduction in The Client List Ad

By Rebecca Macatee Updated at 2012-04-09 18:34:42 +0000


When it comes to Jennifer Love Hewitt's curves, could there really be too much of a good thing?

New ads for her show, The Client List, reveal the actress' ample chest was dramatically reduced with the help of Photoshop.

In the sexier ad on the right, the 33-year-old actress flaunts her breasts in a revealing, low-cut black slip. But a second, more modest version shows Hewitt's buxom boobs are noticeably smaller and her cleavage-baring negligee appears to be higher cut.

So what did Hewitt think about having a digital breast reduction?

"Somebody sent me a copy of the photograph, and I was like, 'Um, what happened?' " she told KROQ's Kevin & Bean Show on Friday, as excerpted by the New York Daily News.

"I'm not quite sure what's going on," she continued. "But apparently somebody wanted me to have a boob reduction."

Even though Hewitt plays a stripper and prostitute on The Client List, don't expect her to get completely naked for the role.

"That's not something that I feel particularly comfortable with," she told Entertainment Tonight. "I also think that it's sexier not to show everything."

Do you agree with J.Love that less is more?