Fox Host Faces Ad Boycott After Bullying Parkland Student

By Updated at 2018-03-29 17:42:58 +0000


The right-wing propaganda giant Fox News host Laura Ingraham's put-down of Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg as a whiny high school kid has prompted him to mount something more potent than a whine — a call for an ad boycott, which has already claimed one victory.

Nutrish pet food said in a statement Thursday that it is pulling its ads from The Ingraham Angle because "the comments she has made are not consistent with how we feel people should be treated."

David Hogg, who has been the subject of Republicans' criticism as he and his classmates have continued to push for gun control.

Hogg, 17, is one of a half-dozen students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, in Parkland, Fla., who helped build a national movement for gun control following the killing of 17 people by a former student armed with an AR-15-style rifle on Valentine's Day. Hogg was also a prominent speaker at a weekend march in Washington, D.C., calling for tightening gun laws.

Ingraham, who hosts a nightly show on Fox News, sought to cut him down with a tweet after he told TMZ that his bid to get into one of the four campuses of the University of California system was turned down, despite a 4.2 grade average and 1,270 SAT score.

"It's not been too great for me and some of the other members of the movement," he said, blaming the "tsunami" of applications to college each year that makes it hard for an individual student to stand out.

Acknowledging that he was "absolutely disappointed," Hogg noted that students such as him are already changing the world. "If colleges want to support us in that, great, if they don't it doesn't matter, we're still going to change the world," he said.

in response, Ingraham thumped Hogg on Wednesday with a tweet: “David Hogg Rejected By Four Colleges To Which He Applied and whines about it.”

Hogg, who has 595,000 Twitters followers, fired back Wednesday night with a cheeky question: "Soooo @ingrahamAngle, what are your biggest advertisers .. Asking for a friend.@BoycottingramAdverts."

Rep. Nydia Velazques, D-N.Y., also weighed in with her own tweet: “I have to ask — @IngrahamAngle — honestly, what kind of a mother bullies a HS student who survived a school shooting and a massacre? These kids know more about grace and class than you'll ever understand.”

That was quickly followed by a list of 12 sponsors, ranging from Sleep Number to Wayfair with Arbys and Liberty Mutual in between, and a call for a boycott.

The bid was reminiscent of ad boycotts of other Fox news hosts, Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly. After Hannity reported a conspiracy theory involving a slain staffer for the Democratic National Committee, he lost at least five advertisers, according to Fortune. At least 44 companies also pulled ads from O'Reilly's show after allegations of sexual harassment. Fox eventually dropped the show entirely.

Hogg, an articulate, aspiring television journalist, spoke up early after the shooting and had even taped real-time reactions from fellow students inside barricaded classrooms during the shooting. He quickly became a target of conservative pundits, who noted darkly that his father had been an FBI agent.

Other charges included false claims that he was part of a group of young actors who show up at the scene of shootings to go on camera, pretending to be a student. Some bloggers also questioned whether he was actually at the school at the time of the shooting, a claimed dismissed by Politifact.

As for his college options, Hogg said he was accepted at Florida Atlantic University, Cal Poly and Cal State San Marcos.

Meanwhile, Hogg and his fellow activists are trying to organize town hall meetings between young people and members of Congress in every congressional district to raise gun issues.