US police officers tased NBA player over parking violation

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Police bodycam footage of the arrest of a Milwaukee Bucks star in January was released on Wednesday showing the player being tased after committing a parking violation.

Sterling Brown is suing the police department after the video showed him being confronted by an officer outside a Walgreens for parking across two handicap spaces.

The pair argued, and when the officer called for backup, multiple cars arrived, flooding the carpark in red and blue lights.

The officer said he had asked Brown to step back from his vehicle and he had refused, and then claimed the athlete 'became very aggressive'.

• Milwaukee Bucks star Sterling Brown was tased and arrested in late January

• He was initially confronted by one officer for parking across handicap spaces

• The situation soon escalated and at least three more officers came to help

• Police at the time said Brown was being 'very aggressive' and 'resisting arrest'

• The footage does not appear to show this, but shows an officer yelling for taser

• The Bucks said police behavior on the night was 'shameful and inexcusable'

• Brown says he intends to sue the police department over his arrest

Soon after more police arrived, Brown was surrounded by four police officers, who brought him to the ground when he took too long to remove his hands from his pockets.
As he hits the ground, one officer yells 'taser taser taser', and a slapping noise is heard before Brown groans in pain.
Soon after, the initial officer and Brown recommence their argument.
'I wanted to talk to you about [the improperly parked car],' the officer said. 'I asked you to move back.'
'That's fine, you could have talked. You didn't have to touch. You initiated touch,' Brown responded.

He is handcuffed and looks rattled by his ordeal as police prepare to take him to the hospital.
Brown, then 22 and now 23, was arrested on January 26.
He was cited for a parking violation but not charged following his arrest, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.
The officers involved are currently under internal investigation, and Milwaukee police says they have been disciplined, though it is not clear how.
After hiring a civil rights attorney, Brown plans on filing a lawsuit against the Milwaukee Police Department.

The Bucks have issued a statement confirming they will support Brown throughout the process and urging police to be more accountable.

'The abuse and intimidation that Sterling experienced at the hands of Milwaukee Police was shameful and inexcusable,' the statement read.
'Sterling has our full support as he shares his story and takes action to provide accountability.

'Unfortunately, this isn't an isolated case. It shouldn't require an incident involving a professional athlete to draw attention to the fact that vulnerable people in our communities have experienced similar, and even worse, treatment.

'We are grateful for the service of many good police officers that courageously protect us, our fans and our city, but racial biases and abuses of power must not be ignored.'

Footage of the Milwaukee Police arrest of Bucks player Sterling Brown shows one of the officers pushed Brown back just seconds after meeting him.

Sterling Brown walks up toward his vehicle and the officer meets him at the door. "Good evening. Have your driver's license? Back up." He puts his hand on Sterling and Sterling tells him not to touch him.
@1:00 - "Can I get another squad here? Back up!" Sterling: "For what?" Officer: "Are you obstructing me? I just told you to back up."
@1:20 - "Sterling: You touched me first." Officer: "Yeah that's right. I told you to back up. You were trying to get in the car." Sterling: "But don't touch me." Officer: "I'll do what I want, alright? I own this right here." Sterling: "But you don't own me."
@1:45ish - Officer: "What's your name?" Sterling: It's on there. Sterling Brown. Officer: These are easy questions. You're acting all bad ass. You don't think I see these (IDs) that are faked? (paraphrased)
2 minutes to 12 from /u/nelly_24, bold comments added by me:
2:15 Officer once again acknowledges camera.
2:25 Officer asks for an explanation. Sterling explains "Yeah, I did it for just a minute, I was just trying to be in and out"
3:00 Officer "we're gonna wait. For my partner."
3:25 Sterling "What, you can't [give me a ticket] by yourself?"
3:32 Police car arrives. Then two others arrive. Officer says "I just wanted one" I assume he's refering to the amount of back-up.
4:50 more Officers arriving on scene. "All I wanted was one" "You must not be really busy" the cop says to the other officers.
5:50 Cops are talking to Sterling. Car alarm starts going off.
6:00 Sterling: "I was asking a question and he touched me." to a different officer. Sterling is surrounded by 4 cops.
Sterling seems confused in this period of time. I can't make out the discussion but he's asking "for what?" and "why?"
6:50 Unknown woman exits walgreens and talks to an officer.
7:00 they are looking inside Sterling's car with flashlight.
8:00 now six or seven officers around Sterling.
8:10 Officer yells at sterling "TAKE YOUR HANDS OUT OF YOUR POCKETS NOW." Sterling replies something to the effect of "I'm cold" He's been outside in the winter with a sweatshirt on for 8 minutes. Three officers begin grabbing him.
8:20 Five officers begin wrestling with Brown. "GET ON THE GROUND"
8:25 "Anyone got a taser?"
8:35 Sterling is now on the ground with three (?) officers on top of him. One officer yells "TASER TASER TASER"
8:40 A pop we can assume is the taser shot. Sterling moans in pain.
10:30 they go through Sterling's car.
12:00 they finish. Cop with camera is reading something?
Back to me...
@16:59 - Original officer talking to another cop: "He's like, 'I'm a Bucks payer bla bla bla.' So what?"
@19:20 - audio ends while they are talking after the original officer appears to be fidgeting with the camera. Audio returns about 30 seconds later
@23:00 - Sterling is back with visible bruises.
@23:50 - Sterling: "What are we waiting on?" - Original officer: "We got all night long"
@24:20 - Sterling: "You initiated everything." - Original officer: "No you initiated everything."
@24:50 - Original officer "Bucks player? Sorry, I don't follow the Bucks. I didn't recognize you. Sorry I didn't recognize your famous name." (sarcastically)
@26:00 - Sterling - "You walked up on me." Original Officer: "Don't make that up. It's all on camera (paraphrased)." Sterling: "You're just gonna say that in front of everybody." (the beginning of the video clearly shows the officer approaching Sterling as he walked towards his door)
@27ish - Sterling tells him to look him up and the officer responds with; What have you done? I don't know where to look you up. You been to Mars? You been to the moon? Where are you known at? Illinois? (Illinois supposed to be a crack about Chicago?)
After Sterling returns, the original officer spends the next five minutes antagonizing him, essentially saying he hasn't accomplished anything and saying that video will prove that he is in the right. The whole time that the officer is jawing with a handcuffed man who has just gotten detained, no other officer speaks up or says anything. They just let this guy talk smack to a detained man.