Football legend Ronaldinho to marry two women at same time

By Updated at 2018-06-15 23:01:50 +0000


LONDON — Brazilian football legend Ronaldinho will reportedly "marry" two women at the same time during a small wedding ceremony in August.

While polygamy is outlawed in Brazil, O Dia (h/t Dan Gartland of Sports Illustrated) reported civil unions between more than two persons is not uncommon. Ronaldinho, Priscilla Coelho and Beatriz Souza already live together.

Ronaldinho asked for their hand in marriage in January of last year. He originally dated Coelho before meeting Souza in 2016.


O Dia's report added Ronaldinho's sister will not attend the ceremony, as she does not approve of the union. Coelho's family also does not approve, with a friend telling Extra (h/t Gartland): "They are upset because they discovered that every present he gives to Priscilla, he also gives to the other girl."

The footballer started dating Beatriz back in 2016, but with Priscilla, the relationship began years before that. The media reports suggest that Ronaldinho give each one of them around £1,500 as allowance other than giving them exactly the same gifts, probably in an attempt to avoid a dispute.

Brazilian columnist Leo Dias has reported that Ronaldinho asked the two girls to marry him in January last year as he offered them the engagement rings. Having been the World Player of the Year himself, the Brazilian will marry the two girls Santa Monica condominium in the upmarket Barra da Tijuca district in Rio. He has been living in the city since 2015.

In further developments, Ronaldinho's neighbour Jorge Vercillo, who happens to be a singer himself, has taken up the responsibility of the music at the wedding which will have several celebrity faces in attendance.

Ronaldinho most notably played for Spanish La Liga club Barcelona, having joined them from Paris-Saint Germain in 2003. Widely recognised as one of the greatest players in the history of football, Ronaldinho has several honours to his name.

The Brazilian has won the 2002 FIFA World Cup with the national team, the La Liga titles twice in 2004-05 & 2005-06, as well as the UEFA Champions League title in 2010-11.

Ronaldinho most recently was a part of the Premier Futsal league in India where fans got to witness the legendary footballer's skills in an indoor arena. While his footballing days are over, the 38-year-old is busy making headlines with his off-field life activities.