U.S. Coronavirus Cases Skyrocket to 35,000

By Updated at 2020-03-23 06:56:01 +0000


Global-Gathering — The total number of known U.S. cases has climbed past 35,000 in a surge that health officials attributed in large part to an increase in diagnostic testing. More than 460 Americans have died.

More than 340,408 people have been infected across the world and 14,573 have died, according to a Worldometers-info tally.

• New Jersey's governor followed four other states - California, New York, Illinois and Connecticut - demanding that millions of Americans close up shop and stay home to slow the spread of coronavirus infections.

• The U.S. Homeland Security Department said restrictions on travel across the U.S.-Canadian land border would last until April 20.

• Mexico and the United States have agreed to form a joint task force to combat the spread at their border. 


• Italy imposed further draconian restrictions on public life. The death toll in Italy leapt to 5,476.

• Spain, Europe’s second-worst outbreak claimed another 1,756 lives. 

• France reported 112 new deaths, taking the total to 562.

• German Chancellor Angela Merkel is going into home quarantine immediately, after a doctor who gave her a vaccination on Friday has tested positive for coronavirus, Merkel's spokesman Steffen Seibert announced in a press statement on Sunday.

Seibert also stated that the chancellor will continuously be tested for coronavirus because a test at this early stage would not be reliable. Merkel will continue her full workload from her quarantine, Seibert added.

Earlier Sunday: Germany has implemented a "contact ban" rather than a full nationwide lockdown in an effort to curb the spread of coronavirus, Merkel said.

Authorities have issued a ban on more than two people meeting. Authorities say such a ban makes more sense than locking people in their homes.

Merkel said in a press conference Sunday that the country would toughen measures and "reduce contact with people as much as possible."


• China reported a record rise in imported coronavirus cases as students and expatriates returned home from the United States and Europe, sparking fears of a second wave of infections just as the country recovers from the initial outbreak. 

• All 41 of the new confirmed cases in China were imported from overseas, the country’s National Health Commission said on Saturday. 

• A Chinese report into the coronavirus death of a young doctor reprimanded by police when he tried to raise the alarm about the disease drew quick criticism online.

• Indonesia’s total of cases rose to 514, with 48 deaths. This comes a day after the governor of Jakarta declared a state of emergency in the Indonesian capital for the next two weeks. 

• Malaysia’s cases jumped to 1,306 on Saturday with 10 deaths, and the government warned of more cases next week as it looks for people who attended a mass religious gathering linked to a majority of the cases. 

• Vietnam will suspend all inbound international flights, the government said in a statement on Saturday. 


• Iran’s death toll from the outbreak rose on Sunday by more than 129 to 1,685, and the total number of people infected now exceeds 21,638, a health ministry official said. 

• Saudi Arabia, which has announced a $31.93 billion support package, has suspended all domestic flights, buses, taxis and trains for 14 days starting Saturday. 

• The disease stopped communal Muslim prayers for the first time in living memory in many mosques from Indonesia to Morocco on Friday. 

• Egypt on Saturday ordered mosques and churches to shut their doors to worshippers, after calls for the government to follow steps taken by neighboring countries. 

• Angola on Saturday confirmed its first two cases of coronavirus, while Mauritius recorded its first death as the virus spreads across Africa.


• The coronavirus stimulus package being negotiated by the U.S. Senate would be worth more than $2 trillion, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said on Saturday. 

• Germany is readying an emergency budget worth more than 150 billion euros ($160 billion) to shore up jobs and businesses at risk from the economic impact of the coronavirus outbreak, the finance minister said on Saturday. 

• Amazon said on Saturday it is raising overtime pay for associates working in its U.S. warehouses, as the world’s largest online retailer tries to meet the rapidly growing demand for online shopping from consumers stuck at home. 

• Wall Street retreated on Friday after New York ordered residents to stay at home, rattling investors who had welcomed this week’s fiscal and monetary measures. 

• The Trump administration plans to send a special energy envoy to Saudi Arabia to work with the kingdom on stabilizing the global oil market, officials said on Friday. 

• Lockdowns and panic food buying could ignite world food inflation even though there are ample supplies of staple grains and oilseeds in key exporting nations, a senior economist at FAO and agricultural analysts said. 

• The British government will pay a massive share of private sector wage bills to discourage bosses from firing staff. 

• Vehicle production could be reduced by about 1.44 million in Europe, North America and Latin America, according to an estimate by information provider IHS Markit. 

• The container shipping industry, a bellwether for international trade, has been blown off course with container lines re-routing cargoes and reducing calls to Chinese ports. 

• Indian key crop prices have plunged as much as 50% just as farmers prepare for harvest, putting paid to prospects for a rural economic rebound.