Get Answers to Common Questions About Group Health Insurance

By Updated at 2021-07-31 19:06:05 +0000


Health insurance plays a pivotal role in protecting individuals and families against costs that are often incurred as a result of injury or sickness. However, most people in the US with health coverage obtain it from their employer or spouse’s employer. Group insurance makes a lot of sense for businesses and employees together with their families. Read on to learn how your business can benefit from group health insurance.

Protects Employees

Employees are the mainstay of every company, so you should always strive to maintain a healthy workforce. Having health insurance gives your business improved security since the employees and their families are covered. When you invest in the company’s health policy, you secure your workplace. Professional insurance brokers at Manulife explain that group insurance policies are usually comprehensive. These plans are customized to suit the needs of different people, including family members. They provide coverage in different areas at competitive rates.

Some of these group health plans provide wellness programs that cover different health care aspects like medical help, exercise, and nutritional advice. These initiatives help reduce illnesses like strokes, heart attacks, and diabetes. The employees can also benefit from reduced rates of chronic diseases if they are participants in the program. A company with healthier staff will also reduce costs emanating from insurance claims made by the employees when they get sick. A healthy workforce means that claims will be significantly lowered, and this is good for business.


Businesses can significantly benefit from reduced rates for group insurance compared to those of individuals. If more people are part of a health plan, a business will pay lower insurance costs for all members. With a larger group, the risks are spread evenly, and this helps to ensure that the costs remain low. Furthermore, the employees and their families can enjoy the same coverage group health insurance. Organizations are offered lower insurance rates as a result of the large numbers of beneficiaries covered. Compared to individual health plans, group policy is cheaper, which helps businesses to save money.

Improved Productivity

If your company boasts a healthy workforce, it can also enjoy high productivity. Motivated workers are productive, and they are determined to put an optimum performance in their operations. Happy employees can also identify with their organization which helps it to achieve its goals. Healthy employees are productive since they can concentrate on their work, and companies can benefit from the sustained output.

Group insurance also helps reduce issues like absenteeism as a result of sickness. If the workers are insured, they can get fewer off days since they benefit from the wellness programs offered. If the employees are happy to come to work when they know that they gain something from the programs offered, the organization will save money. It will witness reduced sick leaves and employee turnover. When qualified employees leave the organization, it can be costly to recruit other workers to replace them. Therefore, lower absenteeism and turnover can go a long way in helping businesses achieve their goals. In short, a happy employee is productive, and this is good for business.

Gain A Competitive Advantage

Another advantage of group health insurance for your business is that it helps you attract and retain skilled employees. Many people are attracted by benefits, such as health insurance, offered by companies. Health costs are high in different states, so employees are likely to take positions that offer lower salaries but with health insurance. As you know, the group plan covers employees and their families, which is cheaper than getting an individual health policy. Your company can also retain the best workers if their health needs are covered.

Tax Advantages

If your business offers group health insurance, it can gain a tax advantage since the money deducted for workers’ plans is viewed as a business expense. Small businesses can also benefit from healthcare tax credit facilities available to companies that offer employees health plans. The companies that qualify can obtain credit on their taxes. The businesses will get compensation for the money they use to pay toward health insurance premiums.

Group health insurance helps provide coverage to individuals and their families for costs incurred as a result of sickness. Businesses can get many benefits from having group insurance. Health costs are generally high, and they impact the well-being of many people. Therefore, organizations need to keep employees healthy if they are concerned about achieving their goals. Companies can also gain tax advantages and a competitive edge if they can attract and retain skilled workers.