People Rally Against Racism, Right-Wing Extremists in Berlin

By Updated at 2021-09-05 07:39:49 +0000


BERLIN — A Rally by the name of “UNTEILBAR” staged a protest in Berlin on Saturday afternoon. “UNTEILBAR” roughly translates to the English “INSEPARABLE.”

Many issues are being protested against, people were mainly trying to demonstrate the solidarity and alliances between different German Organizations. Racism, progressive Climate policies, and social justice were all important topics in today’s demonstration and they were drawing attention to the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan and are strongly against the extremist right-wing party AfD.

Protesters form a human chain as they take part in a demonstration organised by the "#unteilbar" movement on June 14, 2020 in Berlin. (AFP)

The annual “UNTEILBAR” protests began in 2018 in Berlin with nearly a quarter of a million people attending and in 2020 thousands of protesters formed a giant human chain. This year the organizers and the police expected some 30,000 participants. 

The “UNTEILBAR” movement is staging these protests 22 days ahead of the federal elections for the Berlin Bundestag which will determine a successor to Angela Merkel, Germany’s chancellor of 16 years.

Three major parties were among the organizers, namely the center-left SPD, the Green party, and the left-wing ‘Die Linke’.  The SPD’s co-chairman Norbert Walter-Borjans and several of the party’s candidates arrived early and a few steps down the road, the Greens and ‘Die Linke’ gathered. it was observed that the mood among the ‘Social Democrats,’ ‘Greens’, and the ‘Die Linke’ was harmonic. 


The participating organizations — About 350 organizations — were spread out on ‘17. Juni Strasse’, a major street on Ebertstrasse between Brandenburg Gate and Potsdamer Platz square, as well as on Leipziger Strasse. People still kept their distance and were able to adhere to the Corona rules, many participants wore masks even though they were not mandatory. Shortly after 2:00 p.m., the Berlin Police Department reported a majority of people did indeed follow the Coronavirus rules.

A spokes- person for the Berlin Police Department told the press “1,000 officers were on duty on the streets of Berlin today.” She said “400 more were available in case of emergency and they could be called if needed. No one expected violence otherwise they would have kept more officers in the city this weekend. The fact of the matter is that we knew the kind of people we are dealing with today.” It has been known that in other cases they have even needed aid from other federal states, but that was not the case today.

In the early afternoon, the protesters started moving towards Alexanderplatz square, where countless activists and NGO representatives were planning on holding speeches later that day. 

Police did an excellent job protecting today’s march. Parts of the eastern city center was closed to motorized traffic. Grunerstrasse were absolutely empty just before the protesters got there. Though because of the thousands of protesters, we observed a substantial traffic congestion around the city center.

In Berlin, as many as 5,000 marches per year are being staged.  “UNTEILBAR” is one of the biggest ones.