Vanessa Lachey's Baby: Could Nick Miss Birth Due to 98 Degrees Reunion Tour?

By Marc Malkin Updated at 2012-04-10 21:08:14 +0000


Uh-oh! Is Nick Lachey going to be MIA during the final weeks of wife Vanessa's pregnancy?

Just a couple of weeks ago there was big speculation that Nick would be getting back together with 98 Degrees for a reunion tour this summer.

Vanessa, who is due in the fall, must be a bit worried, yes?

Well, the mama-to-be insists no tour is on the books right now.

"They broke up about 10 years ago and they've always talked about a reunion," Vanessa told me earlier today while promoting P&G Future Friendly and Tide Coldwater's Earth Day initiative (more on that later). "As of now, he will not be on tour."

What's definitely happening in July is the couple's one-year-wedding anniversary.

"We were thinking about possibly doing a baby shower around our anniversary to celebrate our marriage and the welcoming of our baby," Vanessa said.

Sounds perfect, but truth be told it's not exactly not what Vanessa, 31, had in mind when they got hitched. "My wedding dress was in two pieces with a separate bustier," she said. "I was thinking of wearing the bustier for our one-year-anniversary.

"That is not happening," she said. "That thing is so not zipping up."

P.S. The Lacheys don't know the sex of the baby, but they already have a girl's name picked out. As for a boy, they've dwindled it down to two possibilities.