Claudia Schiffer is a model for ageing well

By MATT QUINTON Updated at 2012-04-11 12:35:17 +0000

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VETERAN supermodel Claudia Schiffer shows she's still got it in a series of ads for US fashion brand Guess.

The 41-year-old beauty looks half her age in the upmarket black-and-white snaps, which see her posing in underwear.

And it's easy to see what won the heart of her film director hubby Matthew Vaughn as she chats on the phone wearing just a black skirt and bra.

Another glamorous shot shows her donning a black jacket as she perches on the side of a bath to pull on a pair of stockings.

One frame sees Claudia sweeping her blonde locks from her face while sitting on a table, sporting high-waisted denim shorts and a leopard-skin shirt.

She heads outside for another image, pulling on a heel while posing against a classic car in dark jeans and a top.

And a music-themed snap sees her shaking her maracas while wearing a pretty white dress and a black belt.

The smouldering snaps mark 30 years in business for fashion label Guess, who gave the supermodel her first big break in 1989.

And while mum-of-three Claudia has since moved into designing her own clothes, she says she will always have a soft spot for the brand that made her name.

She said: “I will always have a soft spot in my heart, and I’m excited that 23 years later we can still work together so successfully.

“Shooting the Guess 30th anniversary campaign was like going back in time.

“It brought back so many great memories.”

Guess CEO Paul Marciano said: “She was a turning point of Guess.

“It made her career in my view, and that made Guess a different company. Everybody talked about the Guess Girl.”