Kate Beckinsale 'obsessed with reading'

By Belfast Telegraph Updated at 2012-04-13 16:09:03 +0000


Kate Beckinsale is happy that her daughter is a "huge reader."

The 38-year-old British actress has been an avid literary buff since youth.

Kate feels that it is extremely important to impart the wonders of reading to her 13-year-old daughter Lily.

"I've been very obsessed with reading since I was tiny," Kate told Us Weekly magazine. "My mum was a big reader and very much imposed reading on me and I'm the same with my daughter, who's a huge reader."

Kate slightly regrets allowing Lily to delve so deep into author Stephenie Meyer's Twilight novels.

"She read Twilight and was completely obsessed with them," the actress shared.

"It actually almost ruined Christmas one year because all she wanted to do was be a vampire and she didn't want anything on her Christmas list."

Kate participated in The Nestle Share the Joy Reading Programme for National Reading Month in March to promote children's literacy.

She believes every child should have the opportunity to read.

"One of the things I like about the Nestle programme is that it is very good with providing reading materials to children who are from low income families and don't have access in their homes [to] age appropriate reading material," Kate explained.