Madonna: I'm superwoman

By Belfast Telegraph Updated at 2012-04-14 07:43:12 +0000


Madonna is powering through her obligations despite being a "mess."

The 53-year-old singer released her newest album MDNA last month and launched a new fragrance this week.

Madonna has sustained injuries while she's been out and about, but she is fulfilling her duties nonetheless.

"I have a broken finger, still see that? Everyone thinks I make it up," she told Extra.

"I have an infected cut on my leg. I'm a mess. My neck is killing me... just being superwoman."

Madonna is preparing to go on her MDNA tour and can't wait to entertain fans with her notorious stage antics.

"[Audiences can expect] violence, danger, amazing dancing, slack-lining!" the songstress gushed. "Cheerleading... a little baton twirling, if you're lucky."

Until she hits the road, Madonna is hoping that fans will get wild with her scent Truth or Dare.

"It's provocative," Madonna explained. "I hope it inspires some decadent behaviour, with spraying perfume all over your body... preferably naked."

Madonna's MDNA world tour will kick off in Tel Aviv, Israel on May 29.