Lady Gaga 'on tour diet'

By Belfast Telegraph Updated at 2012-04-17 09:44:33 +0000


Lady Gaga has been reportedly eating five small meals a day to lose weight for her world tour.

The Poker Face singer is following a diet by nutritionist Harley Pasternak for her Born This Way Ball tour, according to British newspaper The Sun.

The meal plan includes small portions of healthy food such as aubergines, fresh spinach and sugar snap peas.

She's allowed to indulge one day a week as a break from the strict routine.

The news comes after she caused a stir for suggesting stars stop eating to stay thin.

"Just killed back to back spin classes. Eating a salad dreaming of a cheeseburger #PopSingersDontEat #IwasBornThisWay (sic)," she wrote on Twitter.

The 26-year-old's comment was interpreted by some followers as encouraging fans to avoid food. It also upset those who recalled her previously revealing that she suffered from bulimia as a student.

"I'm gonna say this about girls: The dieting wars have got to stop. Everyone just knock it off," Gaga was quoted as saying at a conference held in Los Angeles and hosted by former California First Lady Maria Shriver.

Following her tweet fans hit back, with one follower saying, "I was on the verge of becoming bulimic and now I just might because of YOU. #PopSingersDontEat (sic)"

A blog post on, which is affiliated with the National Eating Disorders Association, said "If it was meant to be a joke, there are plenty of people who aren't finding it so funny."

Lady Gaga is yet to address the backlash from her tweet.