Beckinsale didn't want to hit Biel

By Belfast Telegraph Updated at 2012-04-18 15:56:37 +0000


Kate Beckinsale has revealed she felt nervous having to fight Jessica Biel in the remake of Total Recall, in case she damaged the actress's face.

"I was nervous having to throw 17 punches at that face, in case I would be sued into the next lifetime," she told a press conference in Cancun, Mexico.

The pair team up with Irish actor Colin Farrell in the futuristic action film, being released in the UK later this year.

Jessica, 30, admitted it was strange fighting another woman for a change: "Kate and I usually have to fight monsters and vampires, so now we were dealing with long hair and bra straps."

Kate, 38, added: "There was a lot of 'Oh no, I'm so sorry did I touch you [there]?'."

The British star of the Underworld franchise, who is married to Total Recall director Len Wiseman, said her teenage daughter Lily and a friend came on set and learnt the moves to her fight with Biel.

"Jessica and I taught them the whole fight and they learnt it in about 19 minutes, when it had taken us about two weeks. The costume department made them mini versions of our outfits."

The original film, based on the 1966 short story We Can Remember It For You Wholesale by Philip K Dick, was released in 1990, starring Arnold Swarzenegger as the lead character who has memories implanted in his brain.

The cast were asked what memories they'd like to have implanted. Kate said: "I've always wanted to bottle feed a baby lamb. I did once miss a school trip to a farm at a crucial stage."