Anne Hathaway Talks Getting Booed at the BAFTAs

By Eonline Updated at 2013-02-14 06:46:37 +0000


Anne Hathaway may have left the 2013 BAFTA Awards a winner, but she's had better arrivals in her day.
"I was so late that I had to run straight down to the end of the carpet and miss all the interviews," she recalled to Jay Leno Wednesday on The Tonight Show. "And, the worst part was, I missed the fans. They're out in the cold and the rain and the sleet, and they booed me."
So, summing up the first part of her night, "I got booed, my dress ripped and I had the flu."

"But it turned out great," Hathaway quickly added. "I got to hug George Clooney, and that's the whole point. And, oh yeah, I got a really amazing, prestigious award. That's pretty cool."
And, as the BAFTA winner for best supporting actress explained, she had a good reason for being late, revealing to Leno that the zipper on her custom-made designer gown ripped as she was putting it on—and an attempt to sew her into it was not successful.
"I look like a turkey that has been sewn together. Just not good," Hathaway said.

The Les Misérables star looked pretty stunning in the studded Burberry gown she ended up in, so obviously no one was the wiser.
"How irritating am I?" she joked. "Most women don't even have one great dress, I have two."
Leno also (surprise, surprise) unearthed Hathaway's first TV commercial, a very dramatic spot she shot when she was 14 for Better Homes and Gardens Realty.

The newly wedded Hathaway also revealed what she and hubby Adam Shulman are doing for Valentine's Day tomorrow—they're participating in Eve Ensler's One Billion Rising, a global campaign started by the Vagina Monologues author that aims to use dance as a call toward ending violence against women.
And, since The Tonight Show broadcast had just passed the midnight hour and it was technically Feb. 14, it was time to dance!
Both Hathaway and Leno pulled a couple of people out of the audience for an impromptu boogie in honor of that very good cause. Happy Valentine's Day to all!