Kate Moss has a Wight wedding

By The Sun Updated at 2012-04-22 07:01:40 +0000


Supermodel to renew her
wedding vows at festival

KATE MOSS has never been one to steer clear of a celebration – she’s bongoed pretty much every day of the week.

So the supermodel was never going to celebrate her first wedding anniversary with a candlelit meal down her local Chinese.

Instead, she is planning on renewing her wedding vows with Jamie Hince at the Isle of Wight Festival in June.

They’re already discussing having a party on the island for a group of pals, as well as getting tickets to the music event.

A source said: “Kate is going to spend some time with Jamie on The Kills’ tour next month.

“After that they’re going to try to squeeze in a holiday to Sri Lanka for some time alone together. Then a group of their friends are joining them on the Isle of Wight for a proper boozy wedding renewal celebration.

“She’s keen to show everyone that just because she’s married it doesn’t mean she’s going to slow down any time soon.” Kate has made it to the festival for the past three years.

Last year she took 12 of her pals to the three-day event, including Alison Mosshart, Jade Jagger and Sadie Frost. The girls all wore matching velour tracksuits and had two pink limos on hand to ferry them from the site back to their holiday cottage.

Can’t see Jamie signing up for either of those this time round.

The event’s line-up should have more than enough hardened rockers for him though.

Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam and Noel Gallagher are all playing the main stage over the weekend.

Lana Del Rey is also signed up to play on the second biggest stage — the Big Top.

By Sunday night she’ll definitely have been inducted into Kate’s club.

Although the teetotal star will struggle to find any bottled water at the model’s afterparties.