The Bachelor's Catherine Giudici: 5 Things to Know About Sean Lowe's Fiancée

By Eonline Updated at 2013-03-13 06:21:43 +0000

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So we all know by now that Catherine Giudici said yes to Sean Lowe's adorably sweet proposal Monday night on The Bachelor.
But just who is this 26-year-old bride-to-be from Seattle? Here are five things you need to know about Catherine Giudici.

1. She's a Graphic Designer, but She's Not Creative: She said it, not us! On Catherine's website, there's a picture of her in a unicorn costume (!) with the caption, "I AM NOT CREATIVE." The reason? "Usually when someone claims to be creative, the term loses a bit of its value," she explains. "I won't say I am creative because that is for you to judge. But I will say that I like to create."
2. She's a Writer, Too: Yep, the future Mrs. Lowe has many talents. She writes a weekly column for called "Meatless Mondays." Each week, she highlights places is the area that serve delicious vegan food.

3. She's Athletic: Well obviously, any girl with beefcake Sean has to be up on her fitness! Earlier this month, Catherine completed the Seattle Hot Chocolate 15K (aka ran 9.3 miles) in 1 hour, 36 minutes and 16 seconds. She Instagrammed a photo of herself and a girlfriend afterward, writing, "It was a rough one, but we finished! To chocolate!" (We should note that her hair was down and flawless in said photo.)

4. She Became a Vegan After a Trip to Kenya: We already knew Catherine was a vegan from the show, but it was only "after eating copious amounts of exotic—and not so exotic—meat on a trip to Kenya" that she returned to the States "craving anything and everything without a face." According to her Seattleite bio, she's been "a self-proclaimed 'opportunistic vegan'" for four years and will cheat on "her lover [veganism] for very special occasions."

5. She's Proud of Her Seattle Roots: Catherine "reps the 206 [Seattle's area code] daily and has been for 20 years," says her blogger bio. "Like a true Seattleite, she owns Birkenstocks, rides the Metro and loves the smell of rain." Well, she'd better get ready for some sunshine when she heads to L.A. with Sean!