Mischa Barton Strips In Noel Gallagher's New Music Video (PHOTOS)

By Updated at 2012-04-25 08:38:21 +0000

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Mischa Barton stripped down to some wild skivvies on Monday to star in a music video.

Mischa, who arguably isn't afraid to show off her figure, was in Los Angeles to film Noel Gallagher's new music video, which is about all we can figure out from these photos of her cavorting practically naked on a sidewalk.

Barton, who waxed ebullient about filming the video on Twitter, begins the video in a short green dress and black boots, but at some point the plot dictates that she strip down to just a leopard print bra and underwear paired with red kicks. We're confused!

But at least the stripping is equal-opportunity: Mischa's male co-star also donned a pair of leopard print briefs.

Barton, who just launched her own fashion line called Mischa's Place, has been out of the spotlight a bit since her days on "The O.C.," but if she keeps ditching her clothes like this, we're sure it won't be too long before she's back in the media buzz.