Drew Barrymore Wedding: Date and Location of "Personal," "Intimate" Day Revealed!

By eonline Updated at 2012-04-25 18:15:19 +0000

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Drew Barrymore's engagement won't be a very long one, after all.

E! News has confirmed that the actress and her fiancé, Will Kopelman, have set a wedding date and plan to tie the knot in the not-so-distant future: June 2, to be exact. Which means it's going to be a bumptastic ceremony!

But where are they swapping vows? And what else do we know about their big day?

A source confirms to E! News that the loved-up and presumptively expecting duo will be swapping vows at Barrymore' s Montecito estate.

"She wants it to be very personal and intimate," the source said of the 37-year-old bride-to-be. "She wants to do it right and be surrounded by family and friends."

And in keeping in line with the traditional values of Kopelman's close-knit family, his family rabbi is expected to conduct the service.

As for the timing of the wedding, the source said the duo intentionally plan to walk down the aisle before Will and Drew—who has yet to confirm her pregnancy but has been sporting an ever-growing midsection lately—welcome their first child.

"She wants to get married before her bump gets too big, but it's important to her to marry before she gives birth," the source said. "Drew and Will have spent a lot of time talking to his family about ways to make the ceremony special."

As for their happily-ever-after after the ceremony? That's already special.

"Will is such an incredible man for her. They adore [each other] and are always together. He's a good guy and he's going to be a great father." Aw!

Happy planning, you two.