• Trump's "America First" Order: Tighten H-1B Visa Program
    2017-04-19 04:05:46 UTC

    Kenosha, Wisconsin - U.S. President Donald J. Trump ordered federal agencies to look at tightening a visa program used to bring high-skilled foreign workers to the U.S., as he tries to carry out his campaign pledge to put "America First." Trump signed an executive order on the H-1B visa program. It was vague on many fronts, and did ...
  • Twitter Refuses To Reveal User Behind Anti-Trump Account
    2017-04-07 04:52:53 UTC

    By David Ingram | SAN FRANCISCO — Twitter Inc on Thursday filed a federal lawsuit to block an order by the U.S. government demanding that it reveal who is behind an account opposed to President Donald Trump's tough immigration policies. Citing freedom of speech as a basis for not turning over records, Twitter filed the lawsuit i...
  • Google apologizes for ads alongside offensive videos on YouTube
    2017-03-20 19:20:23 UTC

    By Esha Vaish and Kate Holton Google apologized on Monday for allowing ads to appear alongside offensive videos on YouTube as more high-profile firms such as Marks & Spencer (MKS.L) and HSBC (HSBA.L) pulled advertising for British markets from Google sites. The British government has suspended its advertising on YouTube after s...
  • Astronomers find 7 Earth-sized planets orbiting a single star
    2017-02-22 21:59:16 UTC

    Astronomers have found a nearby solar system with seven Earth-sized planets, three of which circle their parent star at the right distance for liquid surface water, raising the prospect of life, research published on Wednesday showed. The star, known as TRAPPIST-1, is a small, dim celestial body in the constellation Aquarius. It is ...
  • Trump threatens to cut funding to the U.C. Berkeley
    2017-02-03 00:42:55 UTC

    SACRAMENTO, CALIF./NEW YORK - U.S. President Donald Trump threatened on Thursday to cut funding to the University of California at Berkeley after protesters forcing the cancellation of an appearance by a far-right Breitbart News editor. Trump's threat in a tweet provoked a response from California lawmakers, who in discussions on th...
  • Facebook takes on LinkedIn with new job opening features
    2016-11-08 01:32:06 UTC

    Facebook Inc (FB.O) said on Monday, it was testing a feature that would let page administrators create job postings and receive applications from candidates, a move that could pressure LinkedIn Corp's (LNKD.N) recruiting business. "Based on behavior we've seen on Facebook, where many small businesses post about their job openings on th...
  • Astronomers find a planet orbiting the closest star to Earth
    2016-08-25 09:03:26 UTC

    Astronomers using ESO telescopes and other facilities have found clear evidence of a planet orbiting the closest star to Earth, Proxima Centauri. The long-sought world, designated Proxima b, orbits its cool red parent star every 11 days and has a temperature suitable for liquid water to exist on its surface. This rocky world is a littl...
  • Mystery whale has scientists shocked
    2016-08-04 07:39:07 UTC

    Scientists discovered a new species of whale on the island of St. George, Alaska. This species of whale has never been seen alive and is yet to be named. It turns out, according to new research published Tuesday, that this was not a Baird's beaked whale at all, but an entirely new species—a smaller, odd-shaped black cetacean that Ja...
  • Yahoo's core business sold to US telecoms giant Verizon
    2016-07-25 18:01:42 UTC

    Verizon Communications Inc said on Monday it would buy Yahoo Inc's core internet properties for $4.83 billion in cash, marking the end of the line for a storied Web pioneer and setting the stage for a big new internet push by the telecom giant. Verizon (VZ.N) will combine Yahoo's (YHOO.O) search, email and messenger assets as well a...
  • NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity finishes work at Marathon Valley on Mars
    2016-06-19 03:22:31 UTC

    Pasadena, CA – “Marathon Valley,” slicing through a large crater’s rim on Mars, has provided fruitful research targets for NASA’s Opportunity rover since July 2015, but the rover may soon move on. Opportunity recently collected a sweeping panorama from near the western end of this east-west valley. The vista shows an area where the mi...
  • Mercury makes rare journey across the sun
    2016-05-10 05:20:50 UTC

    The planet Mercury can be seen as a tiny speck, just above and to the left of center, as it makes its transit across the Sun on Monday, May 9, 2016. Be sure to protect your eyes by using a telescope or binoculars featuring proper solar filters. Richard Sanderson, curator of physical science at the Springfield Science Museum, host...
  • Scientists get clearer picture of breast cancer
    2016-05-05 04:27:26 UTC

    <h3><i>Scientists have developed a picture of the genetic events that cause breast cancer. The largest study of its kind is a 'milestone' in terms of its potential to unlock new ways of treating and preventing the disease.</h3></i> Published in the international science magazine "Nature" the research unpicked practically all genetic...
  • Astronomers say a Neptune-sized planet lurks beyond Pluto
    2016-01-21 09:03:33 UTC

    The solar system appears to have a new ninth planet. Today, two scientists announced evidence that a body nearly the size of Neptune—but as yet unseen—orbits the sun every 15,000 years. During the solar system’s infancy 4.5 billion years ago, they say, the giant planet was knocked out of the planet-forming region near the sun. Slowed d...
  • “Spermbot” that can help sperm swim better to eggs
    2016-01-18 22:35:23 UTC

    <H3><i>A team of German researchers has invented a “spermbot” that can help sperm swim better to improve couples’ fertility, according to a study published recently in the journal Nano Letters.</i><hr></h3> For the millions of American couples that struggle each year to conceive a child, most procedures, such as in vitro fertilizati...
  • Social media step up battle against militant propaganda
    2015-12-06 07:57:06 UTC

    Facebook, Google and Twitter are stepping up efforts to combat online propaganda and recruiting by Islamic militants, but the Internet companies are doing it quietly to avoid the perception that they are helping the authorities police the Web. On Friday, Facebook Inc said it took down a profile that the company believed belonged to ...
  • Zuckerberg and wife to give 99 percent of shares to charity
    2015-12-02 08:20:06 UTC

    Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and his wife to give 99 percent of shares to charity. In an unprecedented philanthropic gesture for their generation, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla, celebrated the birth of their daughter with the announcement that they will give $45 billion during their lifetime to promote equality and...
  • Mars' atmosphere 'gone with the solar wind': NASA
    2015-11-06 06:23:52 UTC

    Mars' atmosphere 'gone with the solar wind': NASA We finally have an understanding of how Mars transformed from a once habitable, Earth-like planet into the dry world we see today. NASA researchers have just announced that Mars' once rich atmosphere was stripped away by solar winds in the early days of the Solar System, causing the ...
  • NASA | Massive Black Hole Shreds Passing Star
    2015-11-02 05:08:33 UTC

    This artist’s rendering illustrates new findings about a star shredded by a black hole. When a star wanders too close to a black hole, intense tidal forces rip the star apart. In these events, called “tidal disruptions,” some of the stellar debris is flung outward at high speed while the rest falls toward the black hole. This c...
  • Nasa starts year-long isolation to simulate life on Mars
    2015-08-30 22:11:05 UTC

    Nasa starts year-long isolation to simulate life on Mars. The isolation experience, which will last a year, will be the longest of its type attempted. Experts estimate that a human mission to the Red Planet could take between one and three years. The six-strong team will live in close quarters under the dome, without fresh air, fres...
  • U.S. Scientists Discover Earth-Like Planet
    2015-07-24 21:17:34 UTC

    NASA's Kepler mission has confirmed the first near-Earth-size planet in the "habitable zone" around a sun-like star. The newly discovered Kepler-452b is the smallest planet to date discovered orbiting in the "habitable zone"—the area around a star where liquid water could pool on the surface of an orbiting planet. It's bolstering hopes...
  • Google installed eavesdropping tool on your computers without permission
    2015-06-23 16:30:56 UTC

    Google eavesdropping tool installed on computers without permission. Privacy advocates claim always-listening component was involuntarily activated within Chromium, potentially exposing private conversations. Privacy campaigners and open source developers are up in arms over the secret installing of Google software which is capable of ...
  • Lost comet lander awakes, sends 'hello' from space
    2015-06-14 20:10:02 UTC

    A robotic space lander has surprised scientists by waking up and sending a signal to Earth, seven months after straying into the shadows of a comet where they feared it might be marooned for ever. The European Space Agency said on Sunday that it had received signals from the lander, named Philae, late on Thursday, when it began &quo...
  • Scientists identify a gene that makes the call
    2015-06-13 04:08:27 UTC

    Egg or sperm? Scientists identify a gene that makes the call. Providing insight into the sometimes mysterious biology of reproduction, researchers in Japan have identified a gene that controls whether the reproductive precursor cells known as germ cells eventually become sperm or eggs. The scientists on Thursday described experim...
  • Blood preserved in dinosaur specimens
    2015-06-10 22:59:49 UTC

    Exceptionally preserved organic remains are known throughout the vertebrate fossil record, and recently, evidence has emerged that such soft tissue might contain original components. We examined samples from eight Cretaceous dinosaur bones using nano-analytical techniques; the bones are not exceptionally preserved and show no external ...
  • LHC restarts after long rebuild: The restart of the Large Hadron Collider is now under way, with protons making their way around its 27km tunnel for the first time since 2013
    2015-04-05 10:04:00 UTC

    The restart of the Large Hadron Collider is now under way, with protons making their way around its 27km tunnel for the first time since 2013. Particle beams will soon travel in both directions, inside parallel pipes, at a whisker beneath the speed of light. Actual collisions will not begin for at least another month, but they will t...