• Enjoy a higher quality of life
    2013-11-12 21:07:29 UTC

    One of the most important things people can do for their health is to engage in regular physical activity. A life that includes exercise is one with less likelihood of serious physical and mental ailments. The benefits are wide-ranging, from stronger bones, greater lung power, and a healthier heart to a lower cancer risk, a sharper bra...
  • Rickets making a comeback in the UK, doctors say
    2013-11-08 19:46:57 UTC

    LONDON (AP) — Rickets, the childhood disease that once caused an epidemic of bowed legs and curved spines during the Victorian era, is making a shocking comeback in 21st-century Britain. Rickets results from a severe deficiency of vitamin D, which helps the body absorb calcium. Rickets was historically considered to be a disease of ...
  • No more trans fat: FDA banning the artery-clogger
    2013-11-07 22:39:07 UTC

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Heart-clogging trans fats were once a staple of the American diet, plentiful in baked goods, microwave popcorn and fried foods. Now, mindful of the health risks, the Food and Drug Administration is getting rid of what's left of them for good. Condemning artificial trans fats as a threat to public health, the FDA an...
  • Award-winning Chicago chef Charlie Trotter dies
    2013-11-05 21:12:32 UTC

    CHICAGO (AP) — Award-winning chef Charlie Trotter, a self-taught culinary master whose namesake Chicago restaurant elevated the city's cuisine and provided a training ground for some of the nation's other best chefs, has died at the age of 54. Paramedics were called around 10 a.m. Tuesday to his Lincoln Park home, where they found T...
  • Warming report sees violent, sicker, poorer future
    2013-11-02 21:57:13 UTC

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Starvation, poverty, flooding, heat waves, droughts, war and disease already lead to human tragedies. They're likely to worsen as the world warms from man-made climate change, a leaked draft of an international scientific report forecasts. The Nobel Peace Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change will...
  • Iran gives activist actress 18-month sentence
    2013-10-30 07:47:47 UTC

    TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — An Iranian court has sentenced an actress known for her reformist political activism to 18 months in prison on security charges, newspapers reported Tuesday, in another sign of the underlying tensions between Iran's hard-liners and calls for greater openness by new President Hassan Rouhani. The reports came a day...
  • Dutch museums identify 139 likely Nazi looted art
    2013-10-30 07:48:48 UTC

    AMSTERDAM (AP) — Dutch museums announced Tuesday they have found 139 artworks that may have been looted during the Nazi era, including paintings from masters such as Matisse, Klee and Kandinsky. The major review of all museum collections in the country found art that had either dubious or definitely suspect origins. "These object...
  • Saudi women drive in protest with little problem
    2013-10-26 18:34:29 UTC

    RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) — More than 60 women across Saudi Arabia claimed they drove cars Saturday in defiance of a ban keeping them from getting behind the wheel, facing little protest by police in their push for easing restrictions on women in the kingdom. The campaign's message is that driving should be a woman's choice. The str...
  • More victims of online abuse reach out to parents
    2013-10-24 08:22:13 UTC

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Sarah Ball was a 15-year-old high school sophomore at Hernando High School in Brooksville, Fla., when a friend posted on Facebook: "I hate Sarah Ball, and I don't care who knows." Then there was the Facebook group "Hernando Haters" asking to rate her attractiveness, plus an anonymous email calling her a "waste of s...
  • Holocaust survivor to make symphony debut with Ma
    2013-10-22 06:43:19 UTC

    NEWTOWN SQUARE, Pa. (AP) — The already remarkable life of Holocaust survivor George Horner is about to take another exceptional turn. The 90-year-old pianist will make his orchestral debut with renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma on Tuesday night at Boston's Symphony Hall. And they'll be playing music composed 70 years ago at the Nazi prison ...
  • At these coffee klatches, death is on the agenda
    2013-10-21 05:38:35 UTC

    NEW YORK (AP) — It can be tough to get a conversation going if you want to talk about the late stages of dementia, your last will and testament or the recent passing of your mother. "When you're at a cocktail party and you lead off by saying, 'What do you think about death?' it'll be, 'C'mon, man, it's a party! Chill out!' says Len ...
  • Zimbabwe diamonds: Where has all the money gone?
    2013-10-17 16:04:04 UTC

    HARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) — Despite living in an impoverished country under sanctions, some in Zimbabwe seem awash in money, judging by the Mercedes-Benzes parked at a country club and the private woodland estate with artificial lake and mansion built by the nation's police chief. The wealth enjoyed by just a few comes, at least in part...
  • They can shoot a body, but they cannot shoot my dreams
    2013-10-17 23:26:08 UTC

    When Malala Yousafzai woke from the coma the Taliban put her in, she was aware of only a few things. “Yes, Malala, you were shot,” she told herself. She thought back to her dreams – of lying on a stretcher, being in some distant place far from home and school – and realized that they weren’t dreams, but recollections. “The nur...
  • Australian diver survives his second shark attack
    2013-10-09 06:41:50 UTC

    SYDNEY (AP) — A diver bitten by a shark off Australia's southwest coast was recovering in a hospital on Wednesday after surviving his second shark attack in nine years. Greg Pickering, 55, was diving for abalone off an area called Poison Creek near the Western Australia city of Esperance on Tuesday when he was attacked by what offic...
  • Exercise 'can be as good as pills'
    2013-10-02 19:49:19 UTC

    Exercise can be as good a medicine as pills for people with conditions such as heart disease, a study has found. The work in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) looked at hundreds of trials involving nearly 340,000 patients to assess the merits of exercise and drugs in preventing death. Physical activity rivalled some heart drugs a...
  • Dog Befriends Little Boy With Down Syndrome
    2013-10-02 19:57:52 UTC

    This is a dog called Himalaya. She's refusing to give up on a toddler who doesn't want to play. Little Hernán, from Buenos Aires, has Down Syndrome, which, according to comments posted by his mom Ana, causes him to shy away from physical contact. But Himalaya is persistent and gentle, and Hernán ends up giving her what looks like...
  • Zimbabwe: Poachers poison 91 elephants
    2013-10-01 18:32:40 UTC

    HWANGE, Zimbabwe (AP) — The stench of rotting elephant carcasses hangs in the air in western Zimbabwe where wildlife officials say at least 91 elephants were poisoned with cyanide by poachers who hack off the tusks for the lucrative illegal ivory market. Massive bones, some already bleached by the blistering sun in the Hwange Nation...
  • In cancer drug battle, both sides appeal to ethics
    2013-10-02 20:01:33 UTC

    (CNN) - Andrea Sloan is dying of ovarian cancer. Having exhausted all standard treatment options, her doctors say her best hope now is a new class of cancer drugs called PARP inhibitors. The California pharmaceutical company BioMarin makes one version of these drugs called BMN 673. Earlier this year, the company presented very early d...
  • 99-year-old Iowa woman gets high school diploma
    2013-09-24 19:01:55 UTC

    WATERLOO, Iowa (AP) — A 99-year-old Iowa woman who dropped out of a high school more than 80 years ago despite needing only one credit to graduate has finally received her diploma. Audrey Crabtree, of Cedar Falls, smiled Monday as she received an honorary diploma for her time at Waterloo East High School. "And I feel so much smar...
  • How much is too much exercise when you're pregnant?
    2013-10-02 20:02:58 UTC

    (CNN) - The caption on Lea-Ann Ellison's photo says it all: "8 months pregnant with baby number 3." "I have been CrossFitting for 2½ years," Ellison posted on CrossFit's Facebook page, "and ... strongly believe that pregnancy is not an illness, but a time to relish in your body's capabilities to kick ass." The photo of the 35-year-ol...
  • Why women have a right to sex-selective abortion
    2013-09-19 20:32:49 UTC

    As far as I'm concerned, it doesn't matter why any woman wants to end her pregnancy. If it's to select for sex, that's her choice. When you talk about being pro-choice, sex selective abortion is often slung at you as the triumphant gotcha. "You love women so much you want them to be in charge of what grows inside their bodies, but w...
  • Holocaust survivor, top German lit critic dies
    2013-09-18 17:07:52 UTC

    BERLIN (AP) — Marcel Reich-Ranicki, who grew up in Poland and Nazi Germany, survived the Warsaw Ghetto and went on to become post-war Germany's best-known literary critic, has died at age 93. The sharp-tongued Reich-Ranicki established himself as West Germany's premier arbiter of literary taste after arriving with no money in 1958 f...
  • 13-yr-old Indian girl begins microbiology master's
    2013-09-16 18:22:27 UTC

    LUCKNOW, India (AP) — In a country where many girls are still discouraged from going to school, Sushma Verma is having anything but a typical childhood. The 13-year-old girl from a poor family in north India has enrolled in a master's degree in microbiology, after her father sold his land to pay for some of his daughter's tuition in...
  • Details about first American killed by a car
    2013-09-16 06:32:16 UTC

    It was the evening of September 13, 1899, when 69-year-old Henry H Bliss stepped from a trolley car along New York’s Central Park, was hit by a taxi cab and died the next morning from injuries. He was gentlemanly helping a lady friend off the trolley when he was run down. “Fatally hurt by automobile”, The New York Times story read, ...
  • Synthetic Marijuana Prompts Colorado Health Investigation
    2013-09-14 06:43:23 UTC

    More than 150 people are now believed to have been sickened by synthetic marijuana in Colorado, which legalized recreational use of real pot last November. Three people may have died. State and federal investigators are scrambling to identify the exact source of the illnesses. The state health department has named about a dozen illi...