• VP Joe Biden's daughter marries doctor in Delaware
    2012-06-03 06:26:14 UTC

    WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) — Vice President Joe Biden's daughter Ashley married a Pennsylvania doctor at a ceremony in Delaware, the vice president's office announced late Saturday. A news release from Biden's office says 30-year-old Ashley Blazer Biden was married Saturday to Dr. Howard David Krein in Wilmington. She is a social work...
  • Study: 'Smart bomb' drug attacks breast cancer
    2012-06-03 06:02:12 UTC

    CHICAGO (AP) — Doctors have successfully dropped the first "smart bomb" on breast cancer, using a drug to deliver a toxic payload to tumor cells while leaving healthy ones alone. In a key test involving nearly 1,000 women with very advanced disease, the experimental treatment extended by several months the time women lived without t...
  • Dark Chocolate Consumption For 10 Years Could Protect The Heart: Study
    2012-06-02 18:59:48 UTC

    LONDON, (Reuters) - A scientific study likely to stir the souls of chocoholics has suggested that eating dark chocolate every day for 10 years could reduce the likelihood of heart attacks and strokes in some high-risk patients. A team of researchers from Australia used a mathematical model to predict the long-term health impact of d...
  • Paris plane crash spurs cultural growth in Atlanta
    2012-05-31 09:15:38 UTC

    ATLANTA (AP) — Fifty years ago, a group of 106 influential cultural and civic leaders from Atlanta traveled to Europe to visit famous museums and demonstrate the ascendant southern city's commitment to culture. The Atlanta area's population in 1962 had recently hit a million people, but political and business leaders worried the gro...
  • First lady's book: On growing seeds, healthy kids
    2012-05-29 18:33:11 UTC

    WASHINGTON (AP) — From the beginning, Michelle Obama's kitchen garden has been an overachiever, churning out more peppers, parsley and eggplant than expected, and generating interest that — yes, really — crosses oceans. Now, the first lady has added a 271-page book to her gardening resume, and Americans can read all about the planti...
  • Va. girl is youngest ever in National Spelling Bee
    2012-05-29 03:42:57 UTC

    McLEAN, Va. (AP) — The youngest person ever to qualify for the National Spelling Bee was running around in a stream with a friend, hunting for rocks. Suddenly, she came charging up the bank and headed straight for her mother. "Hold on to that basalt," Lori Anne Madison said in a bossy 6-year-old's voice, "and do not drop it." "Go...
  • Viola Davis addresses struggling alma mater
    2012-05-24 20:59:19 UTC

    CENTRAL FALLS, R.I. (AP) — Viola Davis addressed graduating seniors Thursday at the high school in the struggling Rhode Island city where she grew up, urging them to treasure "hard times and joyous moments" and telling them that the "privilege of a lifetime is being who you are." The Oscar-nominated actress from the film "The Help" ...
  • Everest weekend death toll reaches 4
    2012-05-22 04:22:41 UTC

    KATMANDU, Nepal (AP) — A mountaineering official in Nepal says climbers have reported seeing another body on Mount Everest, raising the death toll to four for one of the worst days ever on the world's highest mountain. Nepali mountaineering official Gyanendra Shrestha said Tuesday that the body of Chinese climber Ha Wenyi was spotte...
  • 'Da Vinci Code' author Dan Brown speaks in NH
    2012-05-19 03:12:06 UTC

    PORTSMOUTH, N.H. (AP) — Best-selling author Dan Brown made a rare public appearance in New Hampshire on Friday, saying very little about his next novel other than he's well into the writing process. "The Da Vinci Code" author, who grew up in New Hampshire, spoke at a benefit for The Music Hall's "Writers on a New England Stage" seri...
  • French autistic kids mostly get psychotherapy
    2012-05-18 22:11:22 UTC

    LONDON (AP) — In most developed countries, children with autism are usually sent to school where they get special education classes. But in France, they are more often sent to a psychiatrist where they get talk therapy meant for people with psychological or emotional problems. Things are slowly changing, but not without resistance. ...
  • US forecasters say heat will stay on this summer
    2012-05-17 18:43:21 UTC

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Meteorologists say America's unusually warm year is likely to extend through the summer. And that's a bad sign for wildfires in the West. The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration's forecast for June through August calls for warmer-than-normal weather for about three-quarters of the nation. Only the northwest...
  • Coffee buzz: Study finds java drinkers live longer
    2012-05-17 18:49:54 UTC

    MILWAUKEE (AP) — One of life's simple pleasures just got a little sweeter. After years of waffling research on coffee and health, even some fear that java might raise the risk of heart disease, a big study finds the opposite: Coffee drinkers are a little more likely to live longer. Regular or decaf doesn't matter. The study of 400,0...
  • Blood drive set for flesh-eating bacteria survivor
    2012-05-15 17:28:07 UTC

    CARROLLTON, Ga. (AP) — A blood drive is being held at University of West Georgia for a student fighting a flesh-eating bacteria that threatens her life. Aimee Copeland's left leg has been amputated, and her parents say she will likely lose her fingers as well after the infection spread rapidly through her body. The 24-year-old gr...
  • Parents read lips of woman with flesh-eating bug
    2012-05-14 16:39:50 UTC

    ATLANTA (AP) — The parents of a young Georgia woman battling a flesh-eating bacterial infection said Monday they've learned to read lips and are now able to communicate with their daughter despite a breathing tube in her throat. Speaking on NBC's "Today" show Monday, Andy Copeland says his daughter Aimee told them she was thirsty, a...
  • Advocates: HIV prevention pill could save lives
    2012-05-11 17:40:56 UTC

    CHICAGO (AP) — A pill to prevent HIV infection is already being given to some healthy people, but without government approval, it remains out of reach and too costly for many who need it. Doctors, patients and advocates say that would change if the Food and Drug Administration takes a landmark step and allows the pill, Truvada, to b...
  • Guinness recognizes surfer for riding 78-foot wave
    2012-05-11 14:19:36 UTC

    HONOLULU (AP) — Dude, that was the gnarliest wave ever. Guinness World Records says so. The record-keeping agency is acknowledging a 44-year-old Hawaii pro surfer for catching a 78-foot wave off the coast of Portugal, saying the November run beats a 2008 record by more than 1 foot. Big-wave surfer Garrett McNamara of Haleiwa, on ...
  • International adoptions drop amid fraud crackdowns
    2012-05-10 19:57:38 UTC

    HANOI, Vietnam (AP) — The number of international adoptions has fallen to its lowest point in 15 years, a steep decline attributed largely to crackdowns against baby-selling, a sputtering world economy and efforts by countries to place more children with domestic families. Globally, the number of orphans being adopted by foreign par...
  • Report: Schools key to fighting America's obesity
    2012-05-10 20:04:08 UTC

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Fighting obesity will require changes everywhere Americans live, work, play and learn, says a major new report that outlines dozens of options — from building more walkable neighborhoods to zoning limits on fast-food restaurants to selling healthier snacks in sports arenas. But schools should be a national focus be...
  • FDA: Kids' medical tests need child-size radiation
    2012-05-09 15:15:35 UTC

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The government is taking steps to help ensure that children who need CT scans and other X-ray-based tests don't get an adult-sized dose of radiation. Too much radiation from medical testing is a growing concern, especially for children, because it may increase the risk of cancer later in life. Wednesday, the Foo...
  • Cattle prices jump as ranchers begins rebuilding
    2012-05-09 15:07:51 UTC

    FRANKSTON, Texas (AP) — A cow runs circles in a small pen, her baby close by her side. Ranchers, their brows wrinkled, scribble in a glossy catalog while high on a podium the auctioneer slams his gavel, taking bids as the price of the pair rises rapidly. The high-profile auction at the Neches River Ranch gave cattlemen a good indica...
  • Seller of suicide kits sentenced on tax charges
    2012-05-07 18:24:43 UTC

    SAN DIEGO (AP) — A 92-year-old woman who sold $40 suicide kits has been sentenced in San Diego for failing to file federal tax returns. Sharlotte Hydorn was ordered Monday to serve five years of supervised probation and pay a fine of $1,000. She could have faced a year in prison. Assistant U.S. Attorney Peter J. Mazza told the co...
  • Study ties fertility treatment, birth defect risk
    2012-05-05 16:34:18 UTC

    Test-tube babies have higher rates of birth defects, and doctors have long wondered: Is it because of certain fertility treatments or infertility itself? A large new study from Australia suggests both may play a role. Compared to those conceived naturally, babies that resulted from simple IVF, or in vitro fertilization — mixing eggs...
  • Salmonella in dog food sickens 14 people across US
    2012-05-05 16:41:14 UTC

    COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — Federal health officials say at least 14 people in nine states have been infected with salmonella from tainted dog food made at a South Carolina plant. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said no deaths have been reported, but at least five people have been hospitalized. The pet food was made at Diam...
  • Octomom at crossroads, broke and considering porn
    2012-05-04 18:52:27 UTC

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — From Miracle Mom to Octomom and now, perhaps soon, Homeless Mom, the bizarre life of Nadya Suleman and her 14 children has been a subject that rarely fails to hit a nerve among those who have followed her personal soap opera. With Suleman on the verge of losing her home and declaring bankruptcy this week with tota...
  • CDC report: More teen girls use best birth control
    2012-05-03 18:55:59 UTC

    ATLANTA (AP) — Health officials say more teen girls use the best kinds of birth control. A recent survey found 60 percent of teen girls who have sex use the most effective kinds of contraception. That's up from the mid-90s, when less than half were using the best. Health officials say the trend may help explain a large decline in...