• Munch's 'The Scream' may fetch $80M at NYC auction
    2012-05-02 07:30:36 UTC

    NEW YORK (AP) — One of the art world's most recognizable images — Edvard Munch's "The Scream" — could sell for $80 million or more when it is auctioned at Sotheby's on Wednesday. The 1895 painting of a man holding his head and screaming under a streaked, blood-red sky has become a modern symbol for human anxiety, popularized in movi...
  • Parents cheer autism-friendly 'Mary Poppins'
    2012-05-01 19:21:01 UTC

    NEW YORK (AP) — The afternoon performance of "Mary Poppins" was marked by loud yips, shouts and moans — and that was just fine. It was the second autism-friendly performance of a Broadway show, and for many families with a child who suffers from the disorder, it turned out to be a practically perfect day. "It is an amazing opport...
  • Number of US newborns with drug withdrawal triples
    2012-05-01 17:56:16 UTC

    CHICAGO (AP) — Less than a month old, Savannah Dannelley scrunches her tiny face into a scowl as a nurse gently squirts a dose of methadone into her mouth. The infant is going through drug withdrawal and is being treated with the same narcotic prescribed for her mother to fight addiction to powerful prescription painkillers. Dist...
  • Number of US newborns with drug withdrawal triples
    2012-04-30 21:02:37 UTC

    CHICAGO (AP) — Less than a month old, Savannah Dannelley scrunches her tiny face into a scowl as a nurse gently squirts a dose of methadone into her mouth. The infant is going through drug withdrawal and is being treated with the same narcotic prescribed for her mother to fight addiction to powerful prescription painkillers. Dist...
  • Dolphin spends third day in California wetlands
    2012-04-29 19:54:33 UTC

    HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. (AP) — A wayward dolphin is spending a third straight day in a narrow wetlands channel along the Southern California coast, under the watchful eyes of wildlife experts. Peter Wallerstein of Marine Animal Rescue said Sunday that the 6-foot-long, black-and-white common dolphin looks healthy, but appears slight...
  • Serena says diet change to support Venus not hard
    2012-04-28 23:15:11 UTC

    NEW YORK (AP) — Serena Williams says altering her diet in support of big sister Venus hasn't been much of a hardship. Serena said she's cut down on eating chicken and fish and is eating more raw foods like Venus, who adopted the change to help her body cope with Sjogren's syndrome, an autoimmune disease that can cause fatigue and jo...
  • Calif. rescuers to aid dolphin's return to sea
    2012-04-28 16:20:29 UTC

    HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. (AP) — Wildlife experts are trying to return a healthy dolphin to the ocean after it became stranded by swimming into a narrow wetlands channel along the southern California coast. Rescuers are hoping that by Saturday morning the animal will have found its own way to open waters. If not, they said they mi...
  • Dutch ban takes aim at foreigners buying pot
    2012-04-27 19:55:32 UTC

    AMSTERDAM (AP) — This country of canals and tulips is also famous for "coffee shops" where joints and cappuccinos share the menu. Now, the Netherlands' famed tolerance for drugs could be going up in smoke. A judge on Friday upheld a government plan to ban foreign tourists from buying marijuana by introducing a "weed pass" available ...
  • Lesbian Scout leader ousted in Ohio; parents upset
    2012-04-27 06:31:53 UTC

    The first-graders in Ohio Pack 109's Tiger Scouts didn't know or care their den mother was a lesbian — at least not until the Boy Scouts of America threw her out over the organization's ban on gays. Now, parents who were aware of Jennifer Tyrrell's sexual orientation well before she took the boys on campouts and helped them carve ra...
  • Parents wire kids to prove teachers' verbal abuse
    2012-04-27 15:11:35 UTC

    CHERRY HILL, N.J. (AP) — Teachers hurled insults like "bastard," ''tard," ''damn dumb" and "a hippo in a ballerina suit." A bus driver threatened to slap one child, while a bus monitor told another, "Shut up, you little dog." They were all special needs students, and their parents all learned about the verbal abuse the same way — by...
  • Irish artist Louis le Brocquy dies in Dublin at 95
    2012-04-25 15:48:23 UTC

    DUBLIN (AP) — Irish expressionist painter Louis le Brocquy, who was best known for abstract portraits of Ireland's literary and artistic stars, died Wednesday in Dublin, the government announced. He was 95. Irish President Michael D. Higgins praised le Brocquy's work as "amongst this country's most valuable cultural assets." The ...
  • Marathon runner's death inspires $1M in donations
    2012-04-25 19:34:10 UTC

    LONDON (AP) — Donations to the charity supported by a 30-year-old woman who died during the London Marathon topped $1 million on Wednesday as thousands took up her cause. Claire Squires entered the race to raise money for an organization that helps prevent suicides and had collected about $800 online before she set off on the 26.2-m...
  • J.K. Rowling's next book: 'The Casual Vacancy'
    2012-04-25 04:12:25 UTC

    LONDON (AP) — It may lack wizards and witches, but J.K. Rowling and her publisher are hoping her first novel for adults, "The Casual Vacancy," will have the magic touch. The book's title was announced Thursday by Little, Brown & Co. along with a brief plot synopsis and publication date. The publisher said the "blackly comic" tale...
  • Happy? Positive outlook may be good for your heart
    2013-03-25 03:27:05 UTC

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Be happy — it seems to be good for your heart. Scientists have long known that Type A personalities and people who are chronically angry, anxious or depressed have a higher risk of heart attacks. Now a Harvard review of the flip side of that psychology concludes that being upbeat and optimistic just may help pro...
  • Study suggests breast cancer is clutch of 10 diseases
    2012-04-18 18:02:27 UTC

    LONDON (Reuters) - Scientists who conducted a major international study into the genetics of breast cancer say they can now classify the disease into 10 subtypes - a finding that points to more accurate, tailored treatment for individual patients in future. In research published in the journal Nature on Wednesday, a team led by scie...
  • Quiara Alegria Hudes wins Pulitzer Prize for drama
    2012-04-17 08:40:08 UTC

    NEW YORK (AP) — Quiara Alegria Hudes's play "Water by the Spoonful," about an Iraq war veteran struggling to find his place in the world, has won the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for drama, leaving its author in a "daze." The drama, which was produced last fall at Hartford Stage Company in Connecticut, was called an "imaginative play about t...
  • New version of female condom touted
    2012-04-16 23:32:38 UTC

    New York (Associated press)— Advocates of the female condom are promoting a less costly, more user-friendly version that they hope will vastly expand its role in the global fight against AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. An early version of the female condom was introduced in 1993, and it remains the only available woman-i...
  • 25 Best Cities for Staying Young
    2012-04-12 06:22:17 UTC

    Is your city keeping you young, or making you old before your time? The RealAge 2012 Youngest & Oldest Cities in America report employed RealAge Test results from more than 28 million people to rank America's 50 largest metropolitan areas to uncover the best places to stay young. "Aging is inevitable, but the rate of aging is not," ...
  • Dental x-rays linked to common brain tumor
    2012-04-10 19:16:00 UTC

    NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - A new study suggests people who had certain kinds of dental X-rays in the past may be at an increased risk for meningioma, the most commonly diagnosed brain tumor in the U.S. The findings cannot prove that radiation from the imaging caused the tumors, and the results are based on people who were likely ex...
  • Hospitals pressured to end free baby formula
    2012-04-09 20:02:19 UTC

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - New parents leaving U.S. hospitals often take home a corporate gift along with their babies: a tote bag filled with infant formula. Consumer advocates want to end the giveaways, which they say undermine breastfeeding. In a letter to more than 2,600 hospitals, dozens of consumer and health organizations called ...
    2012-04-09 14:14:48 UTC

    CHARLIZE THERON smoulders with the heat of almost-summer, despite the weather's current unfriendly turn, on the cover of the May issue of Vogue (before telling Fiona Golfar about life with her baby son Jackson) - and inside things are just as hot. Carmen Kass heads to the desert with Mario Testino and Lucinda Chambers for a shoo...
  • Polar bears have symptoms of mystery disease
    2012-04-08 06:09:52 UTC

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska (Reuters) - Symptoms of a mysterious disease that has killed scores of seals off Alaska and infected walruses are now showing up in polar bears, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) said on Friday. Nine polar bears from the Beaufort Sea region near Barrow were found with patchy hair loss and oozing sores ...
  • Mike Flynn Seeks Immunity To Testify
    2017-03-31 03:01:29 UTC

    <blockquote><h2>Former national security adviser may know details of Russia ties</h2> <h3>President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn is reportedly willing to testify about the Trump team’s ties with Russia in exchange for immunity from prosecution.</h3> Flynn, who served as an adviser to Trump’s campa...
  • Romney criticizes Biden on consulate attack
    2012-10-13 04:17:53 UTC

    RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Broadening his attack on administration foreign policy, Mitt Romney accused Vice President Joe Biden on Friday of "doubling down on denial" in a dispute over security at a diplomatic post in Libya that was overrun by terrorists who killed the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans. "The vice president directl...