• Up to 105,000 gallons of petroleum gushed into the Pacific: Santa Barbara
    2015-05-22 17:57:07 UTC

    Cleanup crews labored through a third day to scoop up patches of crude oil from a pipeline spill that closed two California state beaches and fouled offshore waters, shattering an environmental balance that U.S. Coast Guard officials said on Thursday may take months to restore. Up to 2,500 barrels (105,000 gallons) of petroleum, acc...
  • Google search results:'Nigga house' takes you to White House
    2015-05-20 20:22:04 UTC

    Searching for "nigga house" in Google Maps takes users to the White House, in the latest vandalism and abuse to hit the mapping service, which relies on users to help make sure that it's correct. For users in Washington DC, searching for just the phrase was enough to take them to Barack Obama's official White House residence, and ev...
  • Microsoft targets $20 billion in annual cloud revenue by 2018
    2015-04-30 04:05:24 UTC

    San Francisco (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp is targeting $20 billion in annual revenue from its cloud-computing businesses by the end of fiscal 2018, Chief Executive Satya Nadella said on Wednesday, signaling a tripling of such revenue in three years. The world's largest software company is one of the leaders in the cloud, essentially ...
  • European Union to File Antitrust Charges Against Google - The Biggest Competition Battle in Brussels
    2015-04-14 20:14:21 UTC

    <strong>Brussels - Europe’s antitrust regulator has decided to file formal charges against Google Inc. for violating the bloc’s antitrust laws, stepping up a five-year investigation that is set to become one of the biggest competition battles in Brussels.</strong> The European Union will accuse Google on Wednesday of abusing its dom...
  • Ted Cruz needs to step up his game If he wants to be sponsored by Sheldon Adelson
    2015-04-05 22:44:30 UTC

    Washington - Earlier march the meeting room on Capitol Hill was packed, but for Ted Cruz's presidential ambitions, one person stood out. At a panel discussion sponsored by pro-Israel group This World: The Values Network on Monday afternoon, the Texas senator aggressively voiced his view that Iran should not gain nuclear capabilities...
  • Chrysler ordered to pay $149M for Jeep crash death of child
    2015-04-03 04:15:36 UTC

    <strong>A US jury has awarded $150m to the family of a four-year old boy that died in a crash involving a Jeep Grand Cherokee in 2012.</strong> Remington Walden died after the Jeep he was traveling in was struck from behind by a truck, which ruptured its rear fuel tank causing it to ignite. Chrysler will pay 99 percent of the sum a...
  • Google Chromebit packs an entire Chrome OS computer into an HDMI stick
    2015-03-31 18:23:05 UTC

    Google's Chrome-flavored hardware portfolio continues to grow with even more slightly hidden but very palatable options for business users abound. Among the bevy of new Chromebooks and Chrome OS update is the new Chromebit, a thumb drive-sized (or as Google described, "smaller than a candy bar") stick made by Asus. Somewhat Chrom...
  • US housing starts total 897,000 in February, versus 1.05 million estimate
    2015-03-17 12:58:49 UTC

    U.S. housing starts plunged to their lowest level in a year in February likely as harsh weather kept builders at home, a temporary setback for the housing market recovery. Groundbreaking tumbled 17 percent to a seasonally adjusted annual pace of 897,000 units, the lowest level since January 2014, the Commerce Department said on Tues...
  • Choose The Best Loan For Your Business
    2020-12-05 23:49:52 UTC

    To help you find the right business loan, we researched and analyzed dozens of options. Here is a roundup of our 2021 best picks, followed by an explanation of how we chose them. • How to choose the best loan for your business? • What type of business loan is best for your business? • What to expect in 2021? <strong>Rapid...