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  • User's Data: Facebook Must Comply With an Order by Germany’s Antitrust Watchdog
    2020-06-23 19:51:33 UTC

    BERLIN, Germany (Reuters) - Facebook must comply with an order by Germany’s antitrust watchdog to curb data collection from users, a top German court ruled on Tuesday, in a setback for the U.S. social network company that could set a wider precedent. The Federal Court’s stay order, which suspends a decision by a lower court, backs t...
  • Facebook Pulls Down Trump Ads Over Symbol Used By Nazis
    2020-06-19 01:25:16 UTC

    <p>WASHINGTON (AP) &mdash; Facebook has removed campaign ads by President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence that featured an upside-down red triangle, a symbol once used by Nazis to designate political prisoners, communists and others in concentration camps.</p><p>The company said in a statement Thursday that the ads violated ...
  • A New Coronavirus Vaccine Works in Monkeys
    2020-05-06 21:33:19 UTC

    REUTERS — In macaque monkeys, an experimental vaccine for the novel coronavirus safely induced antibodies that blocked several different SARS-CoV-2 strains, Chinese researchers reported on Wednesday in the journal Science. The researchers say tests of their vaccine candidate, "PiCoVacc," in humans will likely begin later this year. ...
  • New Drug: Scientists Announce Effective Treatment Against COVID-19
    2020-05-01 01:28:20 UTC

    Scientists on Wednesday announced the first effective treatment against the coronavirus — an experimental drug that can speed the recovery of COVID-19 patients — in a major medical advance that came as the economic gloom caused by the scourge deepened in the U.S. and Europe. The U.S. government said it is working to make the antivir...
  • COVID-19: Germany Pushes Green Deal to Cut EU Net Emissions to Zero
    2020-04-28 18:33:38 UTC

    BERLIN (Reuters) - Governments should focus on climate protection when considering fiscal stimulus packages to support an economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Tuesday. Her comments are the clearest sign yet that Merkel wants to combine the task of helping companies recover from the...
  • Irish PM: Charging Google, Facebook for Media Content Is 'A Good Idea'
    2020-04-26 07:11:05 UTC

    DUBLIN (Reuters) - The Irish government should consider copying Australia’s plan to force Facebook Inc (FB.O) and Alphabet Inc’s (GOOGL.O) Google to share advertising revenue with local media, Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said on Friday. Companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter “are sort of free riders on costs incurred by other p...
  • UK to Adapt Apple, Google's Coronavirus Tracking Tool
    2020-04-12 07:06:43 UTC

    (Reuters) - The technology arm of the National Health Service has been working on a mobile phone app with Alphabet Inc’s Google and iPhone maker Apple that the government hopes will help in ending the coronavirus lockdown, the Sunday Times newspaper reported. The system will use Bluetooth technology to alert those who have the app ...
  • Silicon Valley: Google, Apple to Create Tracing Tools to Slow Coronavirus Spread
    2020-04-10 18:00:20 UTC

    (Reuters) - Apple Inc (AAPL.O) and Alphabet Inc’s (GOOGL.O) Google said on Friday that they will work together to create contact tracing technology that aims to slow the spread of the coronavirus by allowing users to opt into a system that catalogs other phones they have been near. The two Silicon Valley companies make the world’s d...
  • Chinese Firm Develops a Vaccine for Coronavirus: 500 Volunteers Needed for Second Phase Trial
    2020-04-29 21:09:12 UTC

    BEIJING — Chinese biopharma firm CanSino Biologics is recruiting 500 volunteers for the second phase of a clinical trial of a vaccine that is the country’s biggest hope for preventing a new coronavirus epidemic. <ul><li data-v-e4bae94c=""><strong><span style="font-size: 14px;">&bull; Tianjin-based CanSino Biologics is recruiting 500...
  • COVID-19: Some Doctors Moving Away From Using Breathing Machines
    2020-04-29 21:06:04 UTC

    NEW YORK (AP) — As health officials around the world push to get more ventilators to treat coronavirus patients, some doctors are moving away from using the breathing machines when they can. The reason: Some hospitals have reported unusually high death rates for coronavirus patients on ventilators, and some doctors worry that the ma...
  • Coronavirus Is Spreading by Seemingly Healthy People
    2020-04-29 21:05:11 UTC

    NEW YORK (AP) — Scientists offered more evidence Wednesday that the coronavirus is spread by seemingly healthy people who show no clear symptoms, and the federal government issued new guidance warning that anyone exposed to the disease can be considered a carrier. A study by researchers in Singapore became the latest to estimate tha...
  • COVID-19: Chinese Scientists Find 'Effective' Antibodies
    2020-04-01 19:31:49 UTC

    BEIJING (Reuters) - A team of Chinese scientists has isolated several antibodies that it says are “extremely effective” at blocking the ability of the new coronavirus to enter cells, which eventually could be helpful in treating or preventing COVID-19. There is currently no proven effective treatment for the disease, which originate...
  • Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Gates Is Stepping Down From Company’s Board to Focus on Philanthropy
    2020-03-14 22:02:26 UTC

    <p>REDMOND, Wash. (AP) &mdash; Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said Friday he is stepping down from the company&rsquo;s board to focus on <a href="">philanthropy.</a></p><p>Gates was Microsoft&rsquo;s CEO until 2000 and since then has gradually scaled back his involvement in the compan...
  • Scientists: Make Coronavirus Research Available to All
    2020-03-13 17:28:52 UTC

    <p>The Latest on the world&rsquo;s coronavirus pandemic:</p><p>Science policy leaders from around the globe are calling on publishers to immediately make available all research and data on the new coronavirus.</p><p>The leaders come from a dozen countries, including the United States, Italy, Japan and South Korea. They are asking in a ...
  • Twitter Strikes Deal with Silver Lake, Elliott to keep Jack Dorsey as CEO
    2020-03-10 20:02:41 UTC

    San Francisco — Twitter says it’s reached an investment deal with Silver Lake and Elliott Management that will keep Jack Dorsey as the social media company’s CEO. Twitter Inc. said Monday that Silver Lake will make a $1 billion investment in the company. That money, along with cash on hand, is expected to be put toward a $2 billion ...
  • Scientists: An Experimental Vaccine Against Coronavirus Might Work
    2020-03-08 20:03:07 UTC

    <p>WASHINGTON (AP) &mdash; A team of scientists jostled for a view of the lab dish, staring impatiently for the first clue that an experimental vaccine against the new <a href="">coronavirus</a> just might work.&nbsp;</p><p>After weeks of round-the-clock research at the <a href="
  • A Major Milestone for the Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease
    2020-03-05 01:38:17 UTC

    <p>From <a href="
  • Scientists Offer New Hope About Ending Blindness
    2020-03-05 01:07:21 UTC

    Scientists say they have used the gene editing tool CRISPR inside someone&rsquo;s body for the first time, a new frontier for efforts to operate on DNA, the chemical code of life, to treat diseases. A patient recently had it done at the Casey Eye Institute at Oregon Health &amp; Science University in Portland for an inherited form o...
  • Twitter to Label Deepfakes and Other Deceptive Media
    2020-02-04 21:40:28 UTC

    Reuters) - Twitter (TWTR.N) said on Tuesday it would start applying a label to tweets containing synthetic or deceptively edited forms of media, as social media platforms brace for a potential onslaught of misinformation ahead of the 2020 presidential election. The company also said it would remove any deliberately misleading manipu...
  • Millions of Young People to Strike for Climate Action
    2019-09-20 01:46:10 UTC

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - With world leaders about to gather in New York for a UN Climate Action Summit next week, millions of young people from Australia to Iceland will take off from school or work on Friday to demand urgent measures to stop environmental catastrophe. Protests, inspired by the 16-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunber...
  • Hurricane Dorian Shows We Are Losing the Fight Against Global Warming
    2021-12-22 19:25:23 UTC

    <p>As Hurricane Dorian churns its way through the Atlantic, we need to recognize that climate change can make any hurricane more intense and Category 5 hurricanes more likely. Burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas, release carbon dioxide and methane into Earth&rsquo;s atmosphere. These gases trap heat, which means that...
  • Scientists Find Micro Plastic in Arctic Ice
    2019-08-14 23:33:28 UTC

    LONDON (Reuters) - Tiny pieces of plastic have been found in ice cores drilled in the Arctic by a U.S.-led team of scientists, underscoring the threat the growing form of pollution poses to marine life in even the remotest waters on the planet. The researchers used a helicopter to land on ice floes and retrieve the samples during an...
  • Russia Asks Google to Stop Advertising “Illegal Mass Events”
    2019-08-11 16:07:42 UTC

    MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia’s state communications watchdog said on Sunday it had asked Google to stop advertising “illegal mass events” on its YouTube video platform. Tens of thousands of Russians staged what observers called the country’s biggest political protest for eight years on Saturday, defying a crackdown to demand free elect...
  • Steve Jobs Design Chief to Start Own Firm
    2019-06-28 00:58:11 UTC

    (Reuters) - Jony Ive, a close creative collaborator with Apple Inc co-founder Steve Jobs whose iPhone and other designs fueled Apple’s rise to become a $1 trillion company, will leave later this year to form an independent design company. Apple said Ive will continue work on its products at his new venture, but shares fell as much a...
  • Japan Eats Whale Despite Environmental Concerns
    2019-06-24 04:59:19 UTC

    MINAMIBOSO, Japan (Reuters) - Whale cutlets, sliced raw whale, deep-fried whale nuggets, whale bacon and whale jerky feature on the menu at the restaurant Yoko Ichihara runs - and that's just a small sample of the ways Japan eats whale. Though Japan's government maintains that eating whale is a cherished part of its food culture, na...