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  • ISIS Militants Attacked Two Villages in Dibis, North of Kirkuk
    2017-10-17 20:22:02 UTC

    The move by the militants comes as Iraqi forces took control of Kirkuk after Peshmerga withdrew their forces. ISIS militants have attacked two villages in Dibis, north of Kirkuk, according to a Rudaw reporter. The two villages are Makha and Twelha. It is not clear whether Iraqi or Kurdish forces were in control of the two vil...
  • Stem cell treatment spurs cartilage growth
    2012-04-08 22:44:32 UTC

    SCIENCE NEWS- A small molecule dubbed kartogenin encourages stem cells to take on the characteristics of cells that make cartilage, a new study shows. And treatment with kartogenin allowed many mice with arthritis-like cartilage damage in a knee to regain the ability to use the joint without pain. The findings provide new clues in t...
  • The H-1B Visa Program
    2017-04-19 04:09:18 UTC

    <blockquote><h3>The H-1B Visa Program: A Primer on the Program and Its Impact on Jobs, Wages, and the Economy</h3> Every year, U.S. employers seeking highly skilled foreign professionals submit their petitions on the first business day in April for the pool of H-1B visa numbers for which U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (US...
  • Extreme eaters show abnormal brain activity
    2012-04-08 22:15:25 UTC

    CHICAGO — Certain brain areas are sluggish in people who eat too little and hyperactive in people who eat too much, a new study finds. The results, presented April 3 at the annual meeting of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society, are based on brain activity in people who ranged from dangerously thin to morbidly obese. The findings help...
  • Planets’ gravity tidies stellar ring
    2012-04-08 22:00:58 UTC

    Two small planets might be sculpting an enormous dust ring around the star Fomalhaut, a mere 25 light-years away from Earth. But it’s not too likely that either planet is the notorious Fomalhaut b, which once held the title of the first directly imaged exo-world (SN: 12/6/08, p. 5). New observations have revealed that the ring is...
  • The "Barbaric" Turkish Strikes Against US-Backed YPG Fighters
    2017-04-25 16:02:06 UTC

    Syria — The air Turkish strikes in Syria targeted the YPG - a key component of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which are backed by the United States and have been closing in on ISIS the "Islamic State" bastion of Raqqa. The Turkish raids showed the challenges facing U.S.-led attempts to defeat Islamic State in Syria and risks in...
  • How Much Vitamin D Should I Take?
    2020-12-28 19:18:56 UTC

    How much vitamin D do you need to ensure strong, healthy bones? Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy answer. “It’s incredibly controversial,” says Neil Binkley, MD, a UW Health geriatrician and internationally recognized researcher who leads the UW Osteoporosis Clinical Research Program. “The experts in the field are quite polarized. ...
  • Mike Flynn Seeks Immunity To Testify
    2017-03-31 03:01:29 UTC

    <blockquote><h2>Former national security adviser may know details of Russia ties</h2> <h3>President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn is reportedly willing to testify about the Trump team’s ties with Russia in exchange for immunity from prosecution.</h3> Flynn, who served as an adviser to Trump’s campa...
  • Romney criticizes Biden on consulate attack
    2012-10-13 04:17:53 UTC

    RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Broadening his attack on administration foreign policy, Mitt Romney accused Vice President Joe Biden on Friday of "doubling down on denial" in a dispute over security at a diplomatic post in Libya that was overrun by terrorists who killed the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans. "The vice president directl...